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MazdaSpeed3 bested by Subaru WRX on important hooning gauge

The Subaru WRX just beat the MazdaSpeed3 on the new list everyone is talking about.


The MazdaSpeed3 just got spanked by the Subaru WRX on an important measure of who drives faster. Apparently, drivers of the Suby Rex are way more likely to get pulled over and ticketed by the man. This blow comes at a terrible time for MazdaSpeed3 drivers and enthusiasts since the car is presently out of production.

Which Cars Get the Most Tickets
The forums, websites, blogs and Soc. media sites are all talking about’s ranking of the cars most likely to get a ticket. Many sites are listing out the top 20 most ticketed cars. We won’t bore you to tears with the details, but the Suby WRX is number 1, and the Toyota PriusC is number 20 on the list. Where does the MazdaSpeed3 rank? You can look it up yourself, as I did. It is listed in the 21st slot. Pathetic!

Have MazdaSpeed3 Drivers Lost Their Edge
This raises the question, “have MazdaSpeed3 drivers been losing their edge lately?” We did an informal study and determined that actually, there is more to this. Everyone in the street-racing scene knows that a MazdaSpeed3 will pull a WRX. One theory is that as the MazdaSpeed3 blows by a speed trap, or random police patrol, the officers find it easier to stop and ticket the much slower Subaru WRX trailing behind the MazdaSpeed3. The officers see the giant wing and it triggers a deep-rooted reflex like a bass seeing a hulapopper. They ignore the rest of the situation and just ticket the wing. This is only an unofficial theory and does not represent the views of the Torque News Corporation (they made me say that).

Who Else Beats the MazdaSpeed3?
The top of the list is a who’s who of respectable street racers. The Supra does well. As does the GTO, Pontiac G8,and the Mitsubishi 3000GT. We can argue all day that the MazdaSpeed3 is more deserving of a ticket than the WRX. Then there is the elephant in the room. The PriusC and Mercury Topaz are still ahead of the MazdaSpeed3. For shame.

Main story Image Courtesy of Matt Grieci


racerrx3 (not verified)    October 12, 2014 - 6:33PM

I have a 83 rx7 i swap a 87 turbo 2 setup i only replace the stock turbo and put a bigger turbo with a down pipe and the first car that i raced was a subaru wrx sti and i beat it ass ugly, even Mitsubishi evo and v8's don't want to race me so i don't think subaru they fast they yes make noise did you heard the engine how is sound like is falling in parts for the mazdaspeed3 is still fast the only difference is people who drives the mazdaspeed3 they smarter they now when to step on the gas.