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Mazda Looking For Quick Way To Keep Mazda6 Fresh Amid New Camry and Accord

The Mazda6 is a favorite of every automotive publication, but can it still hang with the new Camry and Accord?


The folks at Toyota and Honda have just made life harder for automakers trying to keep up with these two legends. The Accord and Camry are both all-new for 2018. Both feature new styling, updated interiors and more exciting, efficient, and in the case of the Camry, more powerful drivetrains.

Mazda is now caught without a new midsize sedan with which to compete. However, that doesn't mean Mazda has no ammunition to throw at the fight. Mazda has responded with a 2017.5 model year car. That's a little weird given that we are well into the 2018 model year at this point, but those who love the Mazda6's great styling, Top Safety Pick Plus safety rating, and fun to drive nature will be happy to hear that Mazda is upping the ante in the mid-trims of the '6.

Mazda's plan is to make Nappa leather and an 8-way adjustable driver's seat available on the Touring Premium Package. Those who had been tortured over the choice of Mazda6 Touring Premium vs. a new Camry or Accord now have one more (available) reason to head on over to Mazda to scratch that itch.

There is more good news regarding prices. The 2017.5 model year Mazda6 is the same price as the 2017. The available six-speed manual on some trims also remains part of the allure.


Parks McCants    October 11, 2017 - 8:52PM

Thanks for the back link John. Much appreciated. As you know, Mazda 6 remains one of my personal favorite daily drivers. It will be interesting to see where the maker takes it in the near future. Personally, I'm looking forward to the introduction of the next generation Skytrac X technology, it should be a winner for Maxda lovers everywhere.