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Lexus Teases First Images of New UX Crossover Specifically For Urban Drivers

Lexus has a new compact crossover just for those who live in cities.

Lexus teased out an image today of its newest crossover. The UX compact crossover is being called an “urban crossover.” So, if you are one of the approximately 200 million Americans who live in an area that is not “urban,” the UX is apparently not for you. Lexus says the UX will “serve as a gateway model for Lexus in a dynamic and growing part of the market.”

Lexus points to the UX’s credentials, saying it has, “muscular haunches and high beltline, yet underneath the skin there’s an all-new platform that gives the UX exceptional body rigidity and a low center of gravity for exceptional handling.” Lexus doesn’t elaborate on why drivers stuck in urban traffic jams would need a muscular, great handling vehicle with a low CG. It would seem as if a rural, back-roads, or highway-oriented vehicle would benefit more from such higher-speed advantages. The new UX will be revealed in Geneva Switzerland. The speed limit in the urban areas of Geneva is 31 MPH (50 km/hr). The Swiss use a very rigorous speed enforcement program with set fines and suspensions for violators.

While navigating urban congestion, the UX owner will enjoy a “a highly focused driver’s cockpit with a wide and inviting passenger space.” Lexus describes its design as “brave.”

The full reveal of the UX urban crossover will take place on March 6th at the Geneva Motor Show. There is no parking at the show location. The show has a listing of nine buses and trams that can run to the show. However, according to the Motor Show’s Information Page, the train is the best way to travel in this urban environment to “Avoid getting stuck in traffic jams and enjoy a comfortable, stress-free journey to the Motor Show.”