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Lexus Convertible concept LF-C2 is the 2016 IS 350C

Lexus should switch the model name to RC 350C, but this Lexus convertible is clearly an updated IS 350C.

Lexus revealed its new LF C2 concept car at the LA auto show this week. The car is the current IS 350C with the new corporate grill and some of Lexus current interior parts applied. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The IS hard-top convertible coupe is getting long in the tooth and is in need of an updating. However, the new concept car looks so much like the current IS 350C inside and out that it leaves this Lexus enthusiast scratching his head.

If there is a bigger fan of convertible Lexus coupes, I’d like to meet him or her. I own a 2010 IS 350C and have owned a Supra in the past. My IS 350C was one of the first ever delivered in the US and was built in Q3 2009. The inside of the new LF-C2 concept is what shocked me yesterday when the photos first were released. The structure of the interior is exactly the same as my car. In what possible way is this is a concept car?

Lexus LF-C2 Details
The dash of the LF-C2 is unchanged from the current IS 350C. Look at the passenger side and you can see this concept car has not even adopted the newer IS or RC interior treatment. It is still 2009. Jeff Bracken, group VP and GM of Lexus introduced the new LF-C2 by saying “And today ... we’re here to share with you what happens when we take our signature look ...which is critical to our identity in the luxury market ... and incorporate it into a fun “what if” concept. The result is... the LF-C2. This concept celebrates our design identity and kicks it up a notch ... actually ... make that several notches! Open top ... gorgeous at a glance ... and just plain fun... this concept gives you a hint into what the future of Lexus design holds.”

Well, OK, but applying the now three-year-old spindle grill to a nearly 6-year-old model and calling it the future worries me. Yes, the concept uses stunning colors and a very stylish modern color scheme inside, but where’s the beef? Does this new concept use Lexus’ newest engine, the 2.0-liter turbo form the new NX 200t? Has it adopted any of the RC’s improvements over the 2010 IS? We look forward to bringing you more news as it develops.

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Main story courtesy of Parks McCants.


Mark Day (not verified)    November 20, 2014 - 11:07PM

More strangeness from Lexus: Went to the "International" car show in Tampa, Florida for the express purpose of checking out the RC 350 and the RC F. The RC 350 was on a platform, and roped off – even though currently available at dealers, while the RC F was missing in action. On the floor were the pedestrian models. Was wondering also, where's the beef? So I went to the Infiniti display and came upon a real find, at a good price - the Infiniti Q40, aka the G37.