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Infiniti releases first official image of the new Q30

Infiniti is bringing a near-production version of its new Q30 crossover to an upcoming German Auto Show.

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The new Infiniti Q30 was revealed officially by Infiniti today. We had seen images of the concept that led up to the new crossover, but now it is official. The car is much more sleek and sporty than most of the competitors wit will try to displace and seems to have everything going for it except a recognizable name. All Infinitis are Qs now, so it is pretty hard to mentally separate them from one another. The Q30 is the 5 door sport-back, compact crossover. I will compete with the BMW X1 and X3 as well as the coming Porsche Macan and Mercedes GLA. If these are not familiar to you it is because this is a newly created segment.

The new 2014 or 2015 Infiniti Q30 will be first shown at the Frankfurt auto show in Germany September 10th. We are calling it a 2014 model ahead of its official release by Infiniti as a model for sale, but it will not long before the concept morphs into the actual production car. The idea is that Infiniti can generate news by showing the car off as a concept first in Germany, and by the end of this year’s auto show season it will “reveal” it as a production car for sale. We are happy to play along.

Lexus may be developing a vehicle for this segment as well. Internet photos of a crossover based on the Toyota RAV 4, but with its own drivetrain are being circulated. Unfortunately, that car is rumored to have only a hybrid drivetrain, which means that it will not really compete in the premium segment with the Q30, Macan, and GLA, which will all have engines that bring smiles per mile rather than miles per gallon
The Q30 would be a great stable mate for Infiniti’s new Q50, which is a sedan that was supposed to replace the G37. However, Infiniti has cold feet about quitting the G37 cold-turkey since it pays all the bills. Look for updates on the new Q30 in early September here at TN.

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