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Hyundai Extends Warranties On Current Owners' Vehicles In Response To Pandemic

If you have a Hyundai with a warranty that was about to expire, read on.

Hyundai already offers one of the very best warranties in the automotive world. The company's 5-year/60,000-mile new vehicle limited warranty or a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty is certainly one of the longest. And Hyundai just made it longer for 1.2 million owners.

Hyundai Extended Warranty
For those current owners who have a warranty that is expiring between March and June 2020, Hyundai will have the warranty coverage extended to June 30, 2020. All eligible Hyundai customers will be contacted in the coming days with more details about the warranty extension program. Hyundai is extending the warranties for current owners in response to the current pandemic. The idea is to give owners more time to have any issues resolved before the warranty is up.

Hyundai Efforts To Keep Service Customers Safe
Hyundai has even thought ahead to signing work orders at a repair facility. Understanding that many customers would prefer to not sign repair orders while dropping off or picking up their vehicles, Hyundai now allows for electronic signature authorization and digital communication (text messages, email, and social media posts) between the dealer and customer as a form of repair approval. No pox-pen touching required.

To ensure customers are as safe as possible, Hyundai dealers are also currently practicing social distancing in their showrooms, offering online purchase and home delivery of purchased vehicles at select dealerships, allowing solo test drives, cleaning common areas and eliminating certain in-person activities to make a purchase.

Hyundai Comment On Extended Warranty
“This is another great example of how we have our customer’s back and continue to reinforce America’s Best Warranty,” said Barry Ratzlaff, chief customer officer, Hyundai Motor America. “While most Hyundai dealers are open to provide service, we want our customers to feel comfortable visiting their dealerships for warranty work and any vehicle service.”

If you have visited a Hyundai dealer in the past few weeks please tell us how the experience went. Your account may help other owners prepare better for their visit.

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