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How Lexus’ LF-FC Flagship Concept Differs From Cadillac’s and Lincoln’s

Lexus seems to know where it is heading.

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At the Tokyo Auto show this week Lexus revealed its future flagship vehicle to stand above the stodgy LS-Series. The new vehicle incorporates an aggressive, highly styled exterior, an interior that coddles, and a drivetrain that expresses the company’s commitment to continue being the world leader in green car sales. One glance at the new car is all it takes to recognize instantly the LF-FC is a Lexus.

Whether it makes it to the production phase or not, Lexus chose a high-powered fuel cell to power its LF-FC concept. Power is routed to all four wheels, but make no mistake, the LF-FC is a rear-wheel drive platform. The front wheels are driven only when needed.

Inside the car can be controlled with hand gestures. Forget remote touch interfaces and MMIs. The LF-FC is touchless. As is the trend, the LF-FC also will have advanced driver assist and automation technology.

What is most impressive about the LF-FC is not the future-tech it is being used to demonstrate, but rather the look of the vehicle. The front spindle grill and the L-Finesse styling are elements one recognizes in the RC F and LFA. Cars that Lexus sells and has sold. Compare and contrast this new Lexus flagship concept to Cadillac’s Elmiraj and Lincoln’s Continental Concept. Of the three, which car represents best its company’s style, priorities, and likely future?

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