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Financial Analyst Unimpressed By Tesla Model 3 Quality After Test Drive

An influential financial analyst comes away unimpressed by the new Tesla Model 3 (NASDAQ: TSLA). What he says is the problem and why he, in particular, should know.

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Tesla recently provided financial analysts and investors what it has not provided to the automotive media - a test drive of the new Model 3. One influential analyst with Bernstein Research, Toni Sacconaghi, came away unimpressed by the quality of the Model 3 sedan. It should be noted that the Model 3 is not a prototype or pre-production model, but rather a production car now on sale since July.

Sacconaghi said after his time in the car, "Our inspection revealed widespread shortcomings in fit and finish." He went on to add that the Tesla representatives who were shadowing those given access to what is supposed to be a production vehicle on sale to the public told him, "... that they believed that Model 3 was much further ahead than where Model X and S had been at this point in production." In other words, "It's not as bad as the other cars were (paraphrasing)."

Sacconaghi, who publishes the results of his analysis work at Fortune Magazine, Benzinga, and other outlets is familiar with Tesla, the company, and its products. Far from being a Tesla hater, Sacconaghi is actually a Tesla owner and driver. In May of this year, he pointed out that Tesla's service network is not ready for the challenges ahead. More damning, he said that his own experience of buying and taking delivery of a Model X was, “not good,” especially compared to what he’s seen from other luxury car makers like BMW and Mercedes."

Based on the negative impression those who own and drive Tesla cars have after spending time with the Tesla Model 3, it is no longer any mystery why the motor press have not been given cars to test and evaluate.

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Chris CHristie… (not verified)    November 14, 2017 - 6:37PM

My Brother's 140k Tesla S has more quality problems than and Car I have ever owned, Except maybe that 1970's Dodge! The paint is flawed and soft, the car leaks, it had an engine swap.