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EVIQO EV Charger Review - Many Features, Easy To Use, Low Cost

We test and review the EVIQO electric vehicle charger. This is a charger with a great price point, and a solid list of features and benefits. 

Electric vehicle chargers (EVSEs) have leveled off in price at around $400 for high-quality units that can deliver 48 amps of current. One we heard good news about and that we sought out a chance to test is from EVIQO. At a glance, it seemed to have a long list of features that EV owners would like to have in a charger. We connected with EVIQO, and they were kind enough to supply us with a charger for evaluation*. 

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EVIQO - At a Glance
The EVIQO electric vehicle charger is capable of operating on a 60-amp circuit to deliver 48 amps of current when hard-wired, or 40 amps on a 50-amp circuit when it is plugged into a NEMA 14-50 socket, like the one we use in our testing of chargers. It features a long 25-foot charging cable, an app, and it can be used in wet environments if you require it to be. 

Eviqo charger image by John GorehamEVIQO - Unboxing
We like that the EVIQO unit arrived in a box no larger than necessary. This saves packing materials from needing to be disposed of. The box itself was of very high quality, and the packing was secure. EVIQO took great care to ensure the charging handle and plug end were neatly wrapped to prevent damage to those parts or to prevent them from impacting other parts and causing harm. The quick start guide and owner's manual were on top, inside a resealable plastic back, and the unit was easy to remove and lay out for installation.

EVIQO - Installation
This is our sixth or seventh EV charger test unit, and we now have the hang of how to install them on the wall. Still, we found the EVIQO unit to be super easy to mount. It comes with special anchors one can use if drywall will be your mounting surface. We have a plywood backing board, so we used wood screws and washers. Only four are needed for the main unit, and four more for the cable hanger and charging handle cradle. In total, we had the unit unboxed and mounted in under 15 minutes using nothing but a cordless screwdriver and a pencil. 

Eviqo charger image by John GorehamEVIQO - First Great Feature - Theft and Tamper-resistant Hardware
To mount the EVIQO  charger, you first place a metal bracket on the wall. Next, you hang the unit onto that. A pair of special fasteners are then pair the unit to its bracket. Those fasteners are special. You need a unique hex wrench to turn them in or out. That means that a thief could not easily remove your unit from your mounting place if it was in public. Very smart! Be sure you save that little wrench, though. We put it into the resealable instruction manual bag for safekeeping. 

Eviqo charger image by John GorehamEviqo charger image by John GorehamEVIQO - Installation Tip
When you unpack your EVIQO charger assembly, leave the plug and the charger handle inside their protective bubble wrap. That will prevent accidental damage if you drop them while mounting the unit. We learned this the hard way on a prior charger install. 

EVIQO - Turning It On and Installing the App
Once your unit is up on the wall, you can plug it in. The instructions have a code marker you can scan with your phone to get the mobile app. We did this, and it worked seamlessly. To make it all work, input your home Wi-Fi password and enable Bluetooth. The app walks you through a few steps. We found it to be extremely easy to load. Our unit was communicating in under two minutes. 

Eviqo charger image by John GorehamEVIQO - Charging Up a Nissan Ariya Battery-electric Vehicle
Nissan is a generous supporter of the automotive media, and we were fortunate enough to have a new Ariya on hand to test the EVIQO charger. We opened the charger port door and inserted the EVIQO’s J1772 connector (handle). It fit just right and offered a satisfying “click” when in place. The charger began to work, and the lights on the unit offered a visual confirmation that charging was underway. 

Although the EVIQO charger can supply up to 40 amps of current when using a socket-type installation, the Nissan Ariya can only accept 30 amps. So, we saw about 7,200 kW of power flow. We confirmed this with the app. 

After having charged for quite a while, we did a test by hand to see how warm the unit got. It was cool to the touch. The cable was warm but barely above ambient. The charging handle did not get warmer than ambient. We purchased a laser thermometer to report on charger temps, but in this case, it was not needed. The EVIQO stays relatively cool to the touch. Others we have used got quite warm. 

EVIQO - Second Cool Feature
The power cable that runs from your plug to the unit is the longest of any charger we have tested. This is a big plus. However, we do recommend to our readers that they have an electrical hard-wire the unit. 

Eviqo charger image by John GorehamEVIQO - The Cable & The Handle Holder
The power cable was very long. The specs say 25 feet. It could reach from the back wall of our garage all the way to the entrance. We could charge nose-in or nose-out. A long cable is great. The included charger handle holder and cable hanger are very handy. Our cable looks a bit messy, but that is only because in the images, the cable is still relaxing from having been coiled up tightly while packed and shipped. 

Eviqo charger image by John GorehamEVIQO - The App
We liked the EVIQO app quite a bit. We used it with a Samsung S24 (new) Android phone. The app was perfect. Many Android apps are a little goofy, but this one had none of that. The voltage is shown (246.65 V at my home) along with the available amps (40). When charging, the rate is shown along with the current in amps. The scheduling app seems very simple to operate. In all, we found the app to be very good. On the Google Play store, the app has a 4.8-star rating. That is quite good.

EVIQO - Price, Availability, Warranty
The charger has a price from either Amazon or the company’s own website of $399. When we checked its availability on Amazon it was a 7-day lead time. The standard warranty is three years, with an option to add more time for a fee. 

EVIQO - Safety Specs & Power Specs
The EVIQO charger has the following safety specs, according to its manufacturer:
1) UL Compliant
2) ETL and FCC-certified
3) Energy Star 

EVIQO - What Do Other Testers Say?
Our most respected colleague, Tom Moloughney of State of Charge, tested the EVIQO charger and gave it a very high score. In fact, it has earned Tom's Best Charger of 2024 award. On Amazon, the EVIQO charger has an incredible 5-star rating with nearly 300 reviews from owners. 

EVIQO - Conclusion
Based on our testing, we give the EVIQO electric vehicle charger two thumbs up. We like the novel anti-tamper hardware and the extra-long power cord very much. All aspects of our testing went smoothly, and the unit has a distinctive quality feel. At this price point, there are some great chargers from which to choose. We will add the EVIQO to the top of our list of those we feel a consumer should consider. 

*As with every product test we conduct, we have offered to return the unit following our testing. Products that we don’t return are often passed along to fellow automotive reporters for evaluation. Torque News does not accept payment from product suppliers, nor does the site accept direct advertising.

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