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Of Course You Can You Plow With a 2020 Jeep Gladiator Pickup Truck- Pictures Here

Not all midsize pickup trucks are suitable for plowing. Jeep’s Gladiator is.

Midsize pickups are now one of the hottest automotive segments. Among the many great choices is Jeep’s new Gladiator pickup truck. We love the Gladiator pickup truck for its likeness to the iconic Wrangler and its go-anywhere do-anything attitude and abilities. We are pleased to report to our readers today that the Toledo-built Gladiator pickup is also able to plow.

Jeep Gladiator Plow

Plowing is not for every truck owner. Have you seen many Honda Ridgeline pickup trucks out in blizzards sporting a blade? Not likely. The problem is that the front-end of some trucks is just not suitable for mounting a plow. The front fascia and frame rails are just not right. A plow needs to be able to mount to the front of a pickup without major surgery in order to be a viable plow truck.

Jeep Gladiator Plow Front

One truck that shocked us by not being plow-ready was the all-new Ford Ranger midsize pickup which launched about a year ago. We were not sure by looking at it’s car-like front fascia if it could accept a plow, so we asked Ford and found out it is not plow-ready.

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During the recent Boston Auto Show, Torque News checked out the new Jeep Gladiator North Edition. This winter-specific trim starts as an Overland and then Jeep adds a package of winter-taming goodies you will want if you live where snow is serious. We happened to run across our friend Brandon Girmus, the Gladiator Brand Manager for Jeep. Brandon was happy to inform us that the new Jeep Gladiator can plow. He was even happier to tell us how he knew.

Jeep Gladiator Plow Compressed

It turns out his colleague, Jim Morrison, Head of Jeep Brand, FCA - North America, is presently driving a new 2020 Gladiator Rubicon with a plow affixed. Jim has been with Jeep for over 20 years and is a truck guy. He is reportedly loving his Gladiator and its plow during this most recent spat of winter weather.

Jim reports that plowing with the Gladiator pickup is a blast. The Toledo-made Gladiator is a true 4X4 with more than its share of drivetrain upgrades that make starting and stopping in slippery conditions a snap. Add to the mix a plow and the Gladiator can help pay its way in the family.

Plowing is an important aspect of truck culture and ownership. We were happy to have run into Brandon and to be able to confirm that the Gladiator is a truck that can plow.

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