New Ranger won't have plowing option.
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Confirmed - New 2019 Ford Ranger Not Designed For Plowing

Fleet operators, long driveway owners, and small business owners take note - The 2019 Ford Ranger will not come with an option enabling plowing.

Ford's new 2019 Ranger enters the midsized class starting mid-winter this year. Unfortunately for shoppers hoping to plow with their new Ranger, the truck won't come with a plowing-ready.

Mark's truck

When we first began closely following the Ford Ranger, we asked folks we knew that owned Rangers and similar trucks now what they wanted to know about the new 2019 Ranger. Mark McMullen of G&M Services in Millis, Mass., our go-to source for all things repair, presently owns the Mazda version of the prior generation Ranger. Mark loves his truck and he has it outfitted to plow. He not only plows his own local business, he also plows surrounding homes including one that I own. Mark didn't ask about a V6, didn't ask about a stick shift option, didn't care about the new technology the 2019 Ranger will have. All he asked us to do was to "find out if it will be able to plow."

We turned to our contact at Ford's PR group for help expecting the usual "We don't comment on future products..." To Ford's credit, they did answer. The answer was no on plowing.

Now, this does not mean that a determined and skilled mechanic couldn't find a way to make a plow fit on the front of a Ranger. It means that the truck was not designed to accommodate plowing. Take a look at the image we selected for this story at the top of the page. You can see that adding a plow would not be easy. Plus, there is that voided warranty issue...

snow removal
This is an unusual move. In my area of New England, plowing is a necessity and most folks who opt for a truck or any 4x4 want that option. I have neighbors who plow with Jeep Wranglers and others who own not just one, but two plowing-capable machines. Some of my neighbors (who don't farm) even have tractors with plows. I contract with a plow guy and I have a backup plow guy. Plus two snowblowers not counting my small electric one. We had over 100 inches of snow in a span of six weeks a couple winters back. All of that was not enough. We had to use backhoes and bulldozers to clear the snow.

How important to you as a potential buyer of a Ranger would plowing be? Let us know in the comments below.

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With regard to the new Ranger, has Ford corrected the fish-tailing that the old Rangers experienced when the vehicle went over bumps?
Plow is an absolute must.