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Breaking News - Battery Issue Halts Ford F-150 Lightning EV

Production and sales of the Ford F-150 Lightning have been paused due to what may be a battery issue.

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Ford has confirmed to multiple media sources that the company has paused production and shipments of the F-150 Lightning electric vehicle. Oddly, Lightnings that are already at dealers or about to be delivered by dealers have not been pulled from sale.

Reports from Green Car Reports and Motor Authority both have the same information. There seems to be something amiss that the Ford QC identified. We hope that the issue is not widespread and that it has happened in the near past.

The Ford F-150 Lightning is a battery-electric truck that uses a large traction battery as its energy storage. With a capacity of 131kWh, it is one of the larger EV batteries being used in production. By comparison, a Nissan Leaf has a battery capacity of just 40 kWh. The Lightning’s large battery enables it to earn an EPA-estimated range of up to 320 miles.

The new Lightning, released last year, is in great demand. The truck has a price starting in the $50ks and rising to around $100,000. Reviewers, including your author, who have tested the Lightning, consider it a game changer for the industry. Its smooth ample power is delivered in a way that no gas-powered truck matches. The Lightning is assembled at the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center.

Watch Torque News for an update on this news as more information becomes clear.

Hat tip to Joel Feder for his early reporting on this topic.

Original image of Ford F-150 Lightning by John Goreham

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