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All Of Your Favorite Convertibles Have One Important Thing In Common – Quality Haartz Softtops

When shopping for your next convertible, don’t you want the same supplier that Rolls Royce and Porsche choose for your drop-top? Here’s why a Haartz top should be on your list of must-haves.

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We all love our convertibles with the top down. However, every convertible owner knows that there are times when the roof must go up and when that time comes, you want it to be good-looking, quiet, and most of all- trouble free. The top convertible models in the world all have one common element; A softtop made by U.S.-based Haartz Corporation.


Just as you trust brands like Brembo for premium performance brakes and Bilstein for your suspension components, Haartz has earned the trust of convertible owners for a century. We asked Matthew Williams, director of business development at Haartz Corp. to tell us why convertible shoppers should trust the company’s tops and interior components. Mr. Williams told Torque News, “Our softtop materials have a guaranteed high quality, always meeting OEM standards on every vehicle.” Mr. Williams added, “We are committed to testing each of our convertible toppings for weight, thickness, strength, elongation, flame resistance, UV resistance and more so that the softtop’s life is extended for the consumer; imitation material doesn’t begin to compare.” Here is a rundown of some of our favorite models, which type of top they use, and why it matters.


* Chevrolet Camaro Convertible and Mustang ConvertibleTwillfast
Twillfast has many advantages but is best known for its superior acoustic performance when the softtop is up. This is one reason why Chevy and Ford are not alone in choosing it for the Camaro convertible and Mustang convertible. Twillfast is also Rolls Royce’s choice for the Phantom Convertible. The inner layer film that Twillfast offers is known for its crease resistance.

124 spider

* Fiat 124 Spider and Mazda Miata ConvertibleStayfast
Often chosen as the best convertibles overall on the market, Mazda’s Miata and Fiat’s 124 Spider have a very broad customer base in all areas of the world. Stayfast is their choice because it is a very flexible softtop material that lasts despite heat and the elements – good for customers in all climates.

BMW z4

* BMW Z4 and Porsche 911 SpeedsterSonneland
BMW and Porsche want two things in addition to durability and crease resistance. First, unique design and aesthetic. At the price points BMW and Porsche play, the tops need to be very special in appearance. Sonneland also offers high acoustic performance. Haartz works closely with targa-top automakers to provide the necessary fit and finish.


* MINI – Custom Union Jack design
We all love Mini for its British heritage. MINI sought a luxury design for entry-level model. Haartz worked with MINI to create a custom Union Jack flag-styled top.
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* Jeep Wrangler – Twillfast and PVC
Of course, a Jeep Wrangler uses a different material than a Miata or Porsche. Different duties demand different specifications. However, it didn’t require a different top supplier. Jeep chose a special Haartz Twillfast and PVC top for its rugged Wrangler. This combination of materials makes Jeep’s top materials ideal for off-roading and the top is also easier to clean than other materials with similar performance.

When you shop for your next new convertible, take a moment to appreciate the quality top and ask your dealer what makes it special.

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Image Note: Blue Camaro image courtesy of The Southern Automotive Media Association

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