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All-New 2019 Toyota Avalon Rocks Great New Look Called Affordable Premium

Toyota's new 2019 Avalon has a new engine, a new exterior, and a new interior. Here are the details you have been waiting for.


The all-new 2019 Toyota Avalon was launched today at the Detroit Auto Show. Toyota is calling the new Avalon "Attainable premium." Almost every aspect of the new Avalon changes, including its exterior styling, interior style, infotainment, and drivetrains.

2019 Toyota Avalon - Style
The all-new Avalon is shown in the images above. Our readers' opinion of the looks are what matters most, but Toyota describes the look as having "... a long, low-slung TNGA musculature. Its expressive looks diligently reflect the mixture of all-encompassing, performance-focused personality, the invigorating driver experience, and a premium, spacious image." The Avalon's new lighting is Toyota's most advanced ever and includes "Technical Laser Ablation." This technology allows light to transmit through its transparent areas encased by a laser-ablated, metalized inner lens. Sounds pricey to fix, but we bet it looks great at night.

2019 Toyota Avalon - Interior
The new interior is designed to be more open and airy. Materials include Softex and a material more premium than leather called Perforated Ultrasuede. We have tested vehicles with these materials and we fell in love with the feel. However, buyers need not opt for these materials if they prefer leather. New for 2019 is a leather color called Cognac.

2019 Toyota Avalon - Engines
There is no "base engine" so to speak, in the Avalon. The choices will be a new V6 with about 300 HP or an all-new hybrid engine with more power. Avalon continues into the new model year the only full hybrid in its segment. A newly revised 8-speed automatic will power the front wheels.

2019 Toyota Avalon - Technology
The Avalon will have WiFi connectivity for passengers, Amazon Alexa integration, and a 1.2kW audio system option.

2019 Toyota Avalon - On Sale Date and Manufacturing Location
The new Avalon will be built in Toyota's Kentucky plant by American workers, as it has for the past 20 years. Expect dealers to have the new, 2019 Avalon on-hand this coming April.