5 Cars College Grads Are Leaving Behind At Graduation.
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5 Cars College Grads Are Breaking Up With Upon Graduation & 5 They Now Love

Graduation is a life milestone. Here are the five cars college grads are walking away from and five they are running to.

College is a unique time in the lives of many. In many ways, it is the transition from childhood to adulthood. However, when it comes to cars that college students drive, compared to those that they drive upon graduation, the practical cars are the ones being ditched for the toys once college is over.

The folks at Swapalease keep close tabs on the demographics of the customers they have. They know the ages, genders, income levels, and work/college status of those leaseholders they serve. The company recently looked closely at what the top cars being turned in by college students and what cars these newly employed graduates are choosing to lease with their newly acquired income.

According to Swapalease the cars college students are in are very practical and affordable. Here are the top five, in order, they are turning in when they don the caps and gowns"

1) Toyota Camry
2) Ford Fusion
3) Nissan LEAF
4) Toyota Prius
5) Ford Edge

Other than the Ford Edge, every vehicle on the list is frugal with fuel and has a low entry price.

Here are the top five cars that Swpalease's customers who have recently graduated are turning to:

1) BMW 4 Series
2) Dodge Charger
3) Audi A5
4) Ford F-150
5) Lexus IS 250

The list makes good sense in many ways. Young high earners are the target demographic for the BMW 4 Series, Lexus IS, Audi A5 and Dodge Charger. Sporty coupes and sedans are perfect for you up and comers. The F-150 also makes sense, given it bang for the buck, usefulness in many scenarios and overall desirability.

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