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2023 Infiniti QX60 Does the Important Things Right

Infiniti nails the QX60’s mission with smart choices for the segment.

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The Infiniti QX60 is a three-row luxury SUV with the perfect personality. The general mission of the QX60 is to elevate the offering above the Nissan three-row SUV the parent brand offers, and Infiniti does this. While doing so, the QX60 remains a true SUV with an emphasis on the utility aspect of such a vehicle.

Infiniti QX60 - The Vibe
The QX60 is an SUV. It’s not a sports sedan, and it’s not a rock hopper. In a refreshing departure from most SUVs we test, the QX60 seems content to just be a great overall vehicle. The QX60 is smooth, feels powerful, and glides you effortlessly from place to place. If you want a sports car, buy one. If you want an off-roader, buy one. But none will be as satisfying in a daily commute or general usage as the QX60.

Infiniti QX60 - Powertrain
The QX60 is offered in front-wheel drive, but we suspect 99% of those built for markets above the Mason-Dixon line are AWD. And that’s good because the 3.5-liter engine offers solid pulling power best distributed to four available corners. No CVT in this QX. The transmission is a smooth-shifting 9-speed you never notice (in a good way).

2023 QX60 images courtesy of Infiniti.Infiniti QX60 - Infotainment
We enjoyed Android Auto in the QX60. While we did need to plug in, it was flawless, glitch-free, and quick to connect. The screen was just the right size. The menus are super simple to use.

Infiniti QX60 - Comfort
The QX60 is roomy up front, in the second row, and fine for kids in row three. We found the seats to be extremely comfortable, and the seat heaters worked very well during a chilly week of testing in New England.

Infiniti QX60 - Prices
The QX60 has a price ranging from about $51K to just under $70K. Our opinion is that all of the QX options are good, but we would suggest that if you are trying to sneak one in under $55K, a Nissan Pathfinder may also be worth considering.

Infiniti Premium Care
New for 2023 is three years of included maintenance for Infiniti vehicles. This new integrated maintenance program provides a suite of benefits, including inspections, oil changes, and tire rotations.

Infiniti QX60 - Conclusion
It is refreshing to drive an SUV that doesn’t pretend to be a hard-edged off-roader or a lifted sports sedan. Infiniti is a brand that can offer a range of SUVs, and this one hits the daily driver, family road trip, and commuter duty sweet spot in the bullseye.

2023 QX60 images courtesy of Infiniti.

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