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2019 Ford Ranger Configurator Goes Live Early - Here's What It Revealed

The online configurator for the all-new 2019 Ford Ranger went live for a bit today. The actual launch is scheduled fo next week. Here are some hints at what folks saw.

For a brief time this week the online configurator for the all-new 2019 Ford Ranger was visible. It was quickly hidden, but not before a couple of outlets took screenshots. Out of respect for Ford, we have opted not to show them here, but if you are really dying to see the fuzzy shots of the info we will offer some links.

The configurator showed the Ranger having a starting price of $25K including destination. That should be no surprise. The Toyota Tacoma starts at this same price point. Some stripped Chevy Colorados are offered at lower prices, but they are built to be used for commercial applications.

The top of the line Lariat 4X4 pushes $40K. That is also no big surprise. With its powerful and high-torque 2.3-liter turbocharged engine and advanced 10-speed transmission, the Ranger is going to be a great value at the high-end of the trim range. Frankly, we will expect later Rangers like the Raptor to be priced higher still.

Autoblog was one of the outlets with some images and Off-Road was another. Ford would not deny the information was incorrect, but did say that there is no "reular cab" offering coming.

We will post a new story highlighting the full reveal of the online configurator when it is public next week. The new Ranger will arrive at dealers in early 2019. Production starts late this year.