2017 Fiat 124 Surprises Owners Discover
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2017 Fiat 124 Spider Owners Reveal Their Biggest Surprise

New owners of the Fiat 124 Spider tell Torque News what one thing they were most surprised by.

The New 2017 Fiat 124 Spider has been on the market for a number of months now and owners have been getting together at the Facebook Fiat 124 Spider 2017 Fan Club to share their stories. What has become quite clear is that the new owners of this new car are overjoyed with their choice and have already made some epic road trips. We asked the member/owners to tell us what one thing they discovered about their new roadster that surprised them the most. We have pulled the related surprises together. Here is what they told us.

The biggest category for the Fiat 124 Spider regarding owner surprises was the car’s many comfort and convenience touches. We have already covered the 124 Spider’s large trunk space in a feature story, but it came up early in the discussion again. Augmenting the large cargo area (for a roadster) are the credit card slots behind the visors Daniel A. discovered. He envisions a bikini-clad sun worshiper on the Riviera using it to hold a credit card instead of needing to bring a purse. Dan also found the storage cubbie in the console to be a great storage nook. Bill N. loved the cubbies behind the seats that some owners didn’t even know were there until the post.

Dal J spotted the 12-Volt power supply in the passenger footwell and listed that as his happy discovery. Vicki B likes the removable cup holders and how easy the top is to put up or down. David K was impressed by how well the automatic door locks work and how perfect the rear-view mirror was. The big-car horn sound was a pleasant surprise to a member who assumed the horn would be a passive little tweet, not a big honk.

The roadster’s looks impressed Nicholas S. He definitely has a point. In the metal, the car is much more impressive than its images convey. Carlo A. loves the engine sound above 4,000 RPMs. TJ G., a former 5.0-Liter Mustang driver, was impressed by the Fiat 124 Spider’s handling in comparison to his muscle car. Nancy P. and others were surprised how cool the adaptive headlights that turn into corners (an option) operated.

The conclusion we draw from listening to new Fiat 124 Spider owners talk about their new roadster is that this is a car that keeps bringing smiles, even after the first few days. There are many little, and some big, surprises for those that become owners.

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Nice story. Keep them coming
I have had my Fiat 500 C for three years and have loved it to death. Hoping I live long enough to make the 124 Spider my next car.
This my fourth fiat and my second Spider. I'm 74. Abarth made this car to me it seems. You will have one.
I too went from a Mustang, <2001 GT BULLITT> to my 124 Lusso, every option w/stick.. ZERO regrets... The 124's Fun Factor is 10x that of the Mustang... Mustang handles like a Barge compared to it..... I'll take Superior fun and handling over horsepower and straight line speed ANY DAY ..... Unloaded the Mustang last month... 31,500 miles on it... I'd only put 30 miles on it in the last 18 months since I got the Fiat.... If that tells you anything... =) Couldn't go back