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2015 Tacoma Leads Toyota to Best Projected Retained Value Award

Edmunds chooses Toyota trucks as the most likely to retain value. says that five years from now the compact pickup that will have the best resale value is the 2015 Toyota Tacoma. The Tundra, Highlander, and Avalon also win their categories. These category wins and many other strong finishers in the Toyota line led Edmunds to predict that in five years the Toyota brand is that which will have the best average value retention (resale value).

It is no secret that the Toyota Tacoma is the vehicle with the best overall resale value in the U.S. market. That is not an opinion. NADA and other sources confirm this based on data taken from actual used car sales. Tacomas that are three to five years old retain a higher percentage of their value for many reasons, but quality, durability, and reliability are the most frequently cited causes.

Edmunds predicts that on average, five years from now a 2015 Toyota will retain 52.4 percent of its value, the highest of any non-luxury brand. Currently, according to NADA data, the Tacoma retains an amazing 81% of its value after three years. This is based on reporting by dealers from actual sales. The Tundra is not far behind with a 72% retained value after three years.

KBB also pegs the Tacoma as number one in resale value, and Vincentric called the 2015 Tacoma the highest value vehicle in its segment. This strong resale value may be one reason that the 2015 Tacoma outsold the all-new Chevy Colorado by 2 to 1 in May.