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Kelly Blue Book names Toyota Tacoma top vehicle for resale value

The Tacoma is now the resale value king according to both top resources for used car values.

Today Kelly Blue Book (KBB) released its rankings of cars and trucks according to resale value. The Toyota Tacoma is the number one vehicle for resale of any type. It walks away with the win, scoring much higher than any other car or truck. According to KBB, the Tacoma retains 74.9% of its value after three years and 60.4% of its value after five years. Tacoma beats the number two ranked Jeep Wrangler by five percent in the three-year category and about 1.5 in the five-year category. NADA also ranks the Tacoma the number one vehicle.

Toyota Trucks Tops in Truck Resale
The Tacoma was joined by the Tundra in taking both the full-size and also compact truck categories for best resale value. The Tundra retains 68.3% of its value after three years and 58.4 percent after five years according to KBB. That is about five percentage points better than the next full-size truck on the list, the GMC Sierra. Tundra is also the third best vehicle of any type for resale value.

Toyota Dominates The Top 10 Vehicle List For Resale Value
Toyota’s Tacoma takes the top spot, the Tundra the third spot, and the 4Runner is also number 8 on the KBB Top-10 list. No other brand has three top ten vehicles. The top-rated minivan is also a Toyota, the Sienna. Toyota and Lexus won both hybrid car categories. Lexus dominated the luxury categories being ranked the highest in six out of the seven categories. Subaru has zero top-ten vehicles for resale value and tops just three categories, yet, KBB named Subaru the best brand for resale value.

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As a 2013 owner, I hope these numbers hold as the next gen hits the market so that I can make what amounts to a huge down payment for an upgraded model.
It's resale is so high, becaue this truck is unbelievably reliable. Our family has 2 Tacomas that we use for our work and they have never broken down or had any mechanical issues. Mine is 6 years old and my son drives my old Tacoma that is now 13 years old. I don't understand why anyone would buy any other brand of truck. I guess I look at vehicles as an investment and if im going to spend my hard earned cash on a truck, that truck better perform every darn day! Ford, Dodge and Chevy make great trucks too and I have friends that drive those...but they will spend some time getting repaired...and that's a frikkin hassle that I choose not to deal with.