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2014 Toyota Corolla saves itself from being carjcaked

Two carjackers learn that some cars require more driving skills than they posses when they are stymied by a Toyota Corolla's manual transmission.


There are three things in America you cannot do if you can't drive a stick shift. First, you cannot be an automotive journalist. The other ones tease you until you cry. Second you cannot be a valet. The manager fires you once you strip all the synchros on a customer's BMW M3 as he watches in horror. Last, you cannot be a decent carjacker because if you try to get away in a Corolla with a manual transmission you are going to end up stalling the stolen car 15 feet from where you start.

This scenario played out this week in Ocala Florida. The Ocala Starr Banner reports that two armed carjackers displayed their incompetence when they tried to make off with a man’s 2014 Corolla.

According to reports one man tapped a gun on the passenger window and another forced the victim out taking his keys. The two foolagins then hopped in and tried their best Gone in 60 Seconds poses. However, since neither knew what the third pedal and funny round shift knob were for the car did not get far. The victim flagged down another motorist who phoned police as the two criminals exited the vehicle and ran. Fortunately, they left the key.

Police offered helpful hints following the ordeal. Such as park in a well-lit area, travel in a group and don't leave valuables in sight. Of course, none of these helpful hints would have helped in this scenario as much as a having bought a Toyota with a stick.

For those not familiar with the fine art of driving a manual properly, we have attached the below of pro-driver Gary Sheehan as an example.


Carl (not verified)    December 15, 2014 - 1:18PM

I could understand carjacking a Corvette and having issues. Even carjacking something sporty, like an STI or an EVO. But a Corolla? You're that desperate you're carjacking a Corolla? Memphis Raines is laughing at you.