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2014 Scion FR-S voted Hottest Sports Compact

The Scion continues its winning streak at SEMA, taking home the trophy for the most important tuner car award in the world.


Toyota's Scion FR-S has been voted Hottest Sport Compact again at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas. Toyota’s Scion division has now won the award two years running with the FR-S. This award is given to the car that is voted the hottest ride in the enthusiast’s market and as demonstrated by exhibit cars brought to the show by the manufacturers and tuner companies.

This year Toyota brought four customized Scion FR-S cars for display. Although the tuners and manufacturers do an excellent job modifying the cars for show credibility, the truth is that there is no other affordable, rear-wheel drive, compact sports car on the market anymore except the Scion FR-S and its Toyabaru twin the Subaru BR-Z. The Mazda Miata is always a consideration, but that car is more of a roadster than true sports car. It has also not been a big favorite of tuners even though it is one of the most widely raced automobiles in the world.

Thanking the judges for the award, Scion Corporate Manager Dave Harbuck (shown in the photo) said “We’re honored to take home the Hottest Sport Compact award two years in a row, reflecting fans’ continued excitement around the FR-S. Whether here at SEMA or out on the road, the FR-S is a true enthusiast’s car. The power and possibilities for personalization inspire our owners to take this car to new levels.”

Interestingly, Toyota is planning to show perhaps the world’s coolest FR-S modification, its “Flash Red” convertible FR-S in the Toyota booth at the Tokyo Motor Show this month. Although shown in stock trim, the car is a looker without any added spoilers, aero packages, or lowering kits. The convertible is planned for sale in some markets by Toyota, but not currently slated for a US release. Attention at that show might help Mr. Harbuck make the case that the Convertible FR-S might help turn around Scion’s sales stagnation.

Toyota Joined Jeep and Ford in taking home the trophies this year at SEMA