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2013 Ford C-MAX Energi has insane range

The plug in hybrid 2013 Ford C-MAX Energi will have a range of 550 miles and twice the electric only range of the Prius PIH.

The new 2013 Ford C-MAX Energi plug in hybrid will have an incredible range when using its gasoline powerplant and storage. With the ability to drive 550 miles, the C-MAX Energi will rarely need to stop for fuel. Since the vehicle is a plug-in hybrid (PIH), the need to top off the tank will be even further diminished. Due to the PIH drivetrain Ford is claiming a 95 miles to the gallon equivalency. In other words, if you use the car the way it is intended that will be about what your fuel economy would equate to if the vehicle were gasoline powered only.

Ford C-MAX vs Mazda 5
The Ford C-MAX Energi is similar in many ways to a Mazda model that has been on the market for many years. The Mazda 5 has had a similar layout and has remained a niche vehicle. On the contrary, this Ford was planned as a hybrid with an emphasis on fuel economy, rather than family practicality. For that reason it may make its mark and find new buyers the Mazda has not already garnered.

Hybrids Evolving
There are no more absolutes in the world of Hybrids, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles and where the Ford C-MAX Energi fits matters less than it might have just a few years back. The Chevy Volt made consumers aware that an electric car might also carry along one of those hated gasoline motors (just in case). Widely marketed as an electric car, the Volt is actually not truly electric. The Prius has long defined the word hybrid, but it too is now evolving. The Prius PIH even has moved from its longstanding commitment to nickel based batteries to lithium in order to eke out a bit more range in electric only mode. This new vehicle from Ford is really interesting because with a range of fully 20 miles in electric only operation, this is one of the few products you can buy that can make a typical commute – and back home – on electric power only, but also be used as a vacation car, or general purpose car. The Ford C-MAX will be sold in conventional hybrid form alongside this PIH version offering customers more choice. Ford is projecting that its standard hybrid C-MAX will beat the 44MPG combined achieved by the largest Prius, the Prius V.

Ford is making it easier and easier for consumers to drive green with just about every possible green drive configuration coming to market over the next year.

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