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Lincoln Motor Company hints at Ford Mustang-based rear-drive coupe

If everything goes as planned, Lincoln's Mustang-based coupe could go into production as soon as 2015.


Earlier this month Ford changed the name of its luxury division to the Lincoln Motor Company. In addition to the name change, Ford established new design, product development and advertising teams for Lincoln. Although the newly dubbed Lincoln Motor Company had been mum about new product details since the announcement, the luxury automaker has just revealed that a Ford Mustang-based Lincoln coupe may be in the works, according to Ford Inside News.

Lincoln has not divulged too many specifics, but FIN reports that the sports coupe will be rear-drive and most likely feature a 2.9-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine. Style wise, Lincoln will differentiate its model from the Mustang via a larger wheelbase. There is currently no name attached to the project, but the majority of previous Lincoln coupes have all touted a Mark name.

Despite the promising news, the vehicle’s odds of going into production are contingent on the success of the all-new Lincoln MKS, MKX, and Navigator. Simply put, Lincoln must first establish itself as a financially viable product before Ford decides to commit new capital to future projects. If everything goes accordingly, the Mustang-based coupe may go into production in 2015.

Originally known as the Lincoln Motor Company, Ford reintroduced the company by its former name on Dec. 3, 2012. The new ad campaign is designed to recapture the founding principles of the company and reestablish the brand amongst a new generation, according to the automaker.

“Befitting this new chapter in the life of Lincoln we are making a complete new start in every aspect of consumer communication to emotionally welcome our new target customer into our brand,” said Matt VanDyke, Director of Global Lincoln Brand.

The new ad campaign centers on the Lincoln MKZ premium midsize sedan and MKZ Hybrid, the first transformational vehicles representing Lincoln’s new brand. Both all-new models are set to hit dealerships by the end of this month.

Although Lincoln was a dominant force in the luxury segment as recently 2000, its sales and influence have greatly declined over the last decade. Ford aims to increase Lincoln’s sales to 162,000 vehicles by 2015. The 162,000 sales total is nearly 80,000 units less than Lincoln was selling in its heyday back in 1990.

Lincoln officially reintroduced itself as Lincoln Motor Company with it 60-second commercial for the all-new MKZ, which can be viewed below. In an attempt to hearken back to its past glory, the ad features notable faces like Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dean Martin and Clark Gable. Aside from honoring the past, the advertisement also showcases the 2013 MKZ, which Lincoln says is a testament to innovation and excellence in design.


John Mayo (not verified)    December 27, 2012 - 6:43AM


Consider this an open letter on what you should be doing.
1. Don't cross market your vehicles with Ford. Everybody knows the product mechanically is a Ford with a more luxurious interior and a higher price. The practice did not work well as a Cadillac Cimarron/Cavalier, Lincoln Town Car/Grand Marquis or EDSEL.
2. Establish a "Lincoln identity". Currently Lincoln has no identity. The facade of Lincolns needs to be improved greatly. The long grill with the vertical slats look like an afterthought.
3. Design and sell cars which complete with several cars in the Mercedes Benz lineup. There should be a Lincoln to compete with the C-class, E-class and S-class Mercedes Benz models. Also, there should be a Lincoln to compete with the best selling Mercedes Benz SUVs.
4. Understand that there is NO market for an "upmarket" Mustang re-badged as a Lincoln. Different demographic groups, expectations of the car, and buyers who buy based on performance and price. This is not Lincoln's target demographic. (It would also compete unnecessarily with the Mustang, raise costs per vehicle, and NOT increase sales throughout the Ford/Lincoln corporation).
5. Market and sell a mid size luxury sedan in China. The car for this market segment should be loaded to the gills. Performance is not the goal here, luxury and value, and MOST importantly, prestige are.
6. NEVER "re-badge" a Ford again. (Except for maybe an SUV. No car should ever be re-badged).
7. Consider V6 turbo engines and a car to compete with the Lexus GS. (This IS your demographic).
(This car should have paddle shifters, and also be available with a 6spd. manual transmission. This car should be a 4 door sedan. No reason to sell a coupe - NOT your demographic).
8. The Lincoln pickup based on the F150 should NEVER be repeated. Lincoln's demographic is not in the pickup market, it's in the sedan, SUV and crossover segments.
9. Instead of looking at a "Lincoln Mustang", look at the Ford Escape, and talk to your customers. Hundreds of thousands of people like that vehicle. Find out why. Hint: - it's due to the interior features, and it makes women feel safe and secure when they drive it. Also, more than half of the owners of the Ford Escape are women. (Again, THIS is your target demographic).
10. Consider looking at alternative fuel vehicles. Hybrids, Electric vehicles. These types of vehicles ARE in the Lincoln "wheelhouse".
11. Luxury, reliability, fuel efficiency, and a logical size. These are the cornerstones of what Lincoln SHOULD be examining. Also, the price should be competitive.
12. Lincoln - feel free to contact me ANY TIME for further suggestions. As I am looking for work,
perhaps I could send Lincoln a resume?

Very Sincerely,

John R. Mayo

[email protected]

Anonymous (not verified)    December 27, 2012 - 10:23PM

In reply to by John Mayo (not verified)

John, I hope Lincoln gives you a shot. You've got some great ideas and I'm absolutely open to giving them a try on my next vehicle purchase as I upgrade from my sporty car to luxury if they give me something worth purchasing ... RWD, Benz-like amenities, etc. I'm an All-American girl trying to support but there's nothing there to prompt me to Lincoln compared to the Mercedes our Lexus lineups!

Anonymous (not verified)    December 30, 2012 - 11:15PM

In reply to by John Mayo (not verified)

John, I do agree with most of your comments except for the Coupe part. There IS a large, aging generation that once drove a Mustang or similar performance coupe back in the day but are now looking at getting into a more refined vehicle to grow along with their careers and maturing personalities.

At this second I own a '97 Mark VIII and I absolutely enjoy this car. I am just upset that Lincoln has not had another Mark for over a decade now which is pushing me to look at other newer performance luxury coupes because my 97 Mark is aging and parts are obsolete. If Ford/Lincoln were to promise a 2015 "Mark IX" with a Mustang platform with a V8 and stick shift, I will be allover it like a fat kid on a cupcake.

Oh yes, I used to own four Mustangs in the last 12 years but I have outgrown them as I am in my mid 30's with a good career.

Jeff Elmore (not verified)    January 1, 2013 - 3:00PM

In reply to by John Mayo (not verified)


Responses to some of your points, as I am not passionate about all of them
1. Every Lincoln Car/SUV shares a platform with a Ford. It's how design money is saved. Lincoln will always do this.

4. All i have owned and prefer to own is upscale luxury coupes, such as an 88 Cougar XR-7, 88 XJS, 97 and 98 Mark VIII LSC. I sold my newer Maxima and bought a 97 Mark VIII because I still want a luxury sedan. I would buy a luxury sedan from Ford if they had one, as would many on the Cougar and Mark VIII forums (yes they exist). Ford's biggest mistake from which they are starting to recover is a lack of flagship car that brings the brand excitement. The new Mustang and FordGT have brought that back. Lincoln needs a flagship car. Yes they should build a luxury coupe.

6. If you are talking just a badge swap, agree, sharing platforms is a must.

10. Hybrids are not a cost efficient market, mearly a marketing gimmick. Natural Gas vehicles should be seriously considered if the filling station infrastruction can be developed.

11. You forgot "Excitment."

JRoss (not verified)    January 1, 2013 - 7:18PM

In reply to by John Mayo (not verified)

Totally disagree

Lincoln SHOULD have a performance model to compete with the CTSV.

To me this means something with either a built up 5L or using the same motor as used in the Shelby Cobra.

I love the CTSV. Great car. But I'm a Ford guy.

Rick_Leuce (not verified)    January 2, 2013 - 9:17AM

In reply to by JRoss (not verified)

Whatever car Lincoln is choosing to compete against, they need to make it stand out. All these Ford cars (like the fiesta. fusion, and MKZ) kind of blend in with the crowd.

They should make something slightly reminiscent of classic Lincoln's (like Ford did with the Mustang)


Rick_Leuce (not verified)    January 3, 2013 - 9:17AM

In reply to by JRoss (not verified)

I always thought the Thunderbird should have been Lincoln's version of the Mustang (a luxury sports car)

If Lincoln makes something with the T-Bird in mind that can outperform the competition (reasonably priced) they'll do fine.

Rick_Leuce (not verified)    January 3, 2013 - 9:21AM

In reply to by JRoss (not verified)

I always thought the Thunderbird should have been Lincoln's version of the Mustang (a luxury sports car)

If Lincoln makes something with the T-Bird in mind that can outperform the competition (reasonably priced) they'll do fine.

tom s (not verified)    January 9, 2013 - 5:08PM

I would like to see a new lincokn mks, all wheel drive only in curent size and an L series. 2 levels exec and signature with the later having an interior like the hyundai equuis. The new mks must not be on stilts as the current mks and not ass high..... a sleek look. I think a 4dr coupe based off the new mustang chasis available in ecco bost and electric ,that can accelerate from 0-60 in less than 5 sec..(like the Tesla) thats my start for compact off of the focus as the car is not balanced (ass--high) Lincoln needs to get that chasis balanced and that car should be also all wheel drive. My best advise re design is go for a masquline look not the feminin look that you applied to fiesta and focus..more like the new focus and mkz..Tom

tom scog (not verified)    October 13, 2014 - 3:14PM

when considering lincolns future you need to consider past. since Lincoln was barely existent in the past you need to look the original continental, certainly the mark and even the town car. the first car I would put out is a 4dr hatch baised on the new mustang (porche panorama) get rid of the mks name and how about continental s..suicide doors, air sus. longitudinal engine...get rid of the mkz and use the new mks to replace it. introduce a focused based 4dr with longitudal engine add a coupe and conver. bump the hp on the 3.5 and offer this engine with a plug-in elec motor all sincoln engines need more power...look audi offers a V/8 and even a 12 cyl.