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Teaser released for next-gen Nissan Murano to be showcased in New York

An early teaser picture and video were released by Nissan today, previewing the upcoming reveal of the 2015 Murano.

Nissan is redesigning the Murano crossover, the bigger brother to the Rogue. The company has promised to reveal the all-new Murano at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) on April 16, but has released a teaser video and graphic to keep us interested until then.

The graphic, shown above, is the distinctive new headlight that is obviously in line with Nissan's overall new design language. It's very similar to that seen on the new Rogue, GT-R, and Juke, all of which were redesigned for the 2014 or revealed with new 2015 model year updates. We can expect that the Murano will have design features very similar to the Rogue.

From the short video below, we can see that on the outside, while design elements may be similar to the Rogue, they are not exact replicas of it. The door handles are slightly different and the beltline dimple is less curved. Slight differences that show the new Murano will be unique while still fitting the overall crossover look Nissan has created for that segment of its lineup.

Nissan, for its part, has promised innovative styling, a spacious and premium interior, and advanced safety and connective technologies. We can expect that the interior of the new Murano will be larger, probably focusing more on cargo and third row space.

We'll watch and keep you up to date as the 2015 Nissan Murano unveil in New York approaches.