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Nissan Will Build the IDx "retro Datsun" As a Z-car. Will It Replace the 370Z?

Nissan says that the IDx concept car will become a new member of the Z family. Might it be replacing the 370Z?

After showcasing two concept cars in Tokyo at the motor show in 2013, the IDx Freeflow and IDx NISMO, Nissan began touring the concepts globally. Both cars were shown in both physical form and in "playable" form via a 3D design game.

At that show, an interview with Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn also highlighted the two IDx concepts as pre-production test beds to gauge consumer reaction. That reaction has been, by and large, good it seems, as the company appears willing to put the IDx Freeflow into production. According to Motor Authority, that IDx could very well be a Z car. As such, it may be replacing the 370Z.

This isn't confirmed, of course, as Nissan has not said anything concrete nor have they made any official announcement on the IDx. Nor have they said anything about dumping the 370Z. When we reached out to Nissan last week about this idea, we got the equivalent of a "no comment" on the matter. "We have not made any announcements.." In that Motor Authority interview, however, Nissan design chief and senior Vice President Shiro Nakamura said that the goal for the next-generation 370Z would be to make it lighter, faster, cheaper and more like the IDx.

"We want to keep a very high end super performance sports car [the GT-R]; and Z or IDx--whichever--a more affordable, approachable sports car."

This is pretty telling. Right from the head man's mouth, in fact, and it seems to spell doom for the 370Z. Add in that sales of the Z have been pretty slim over the past several months and that many in the industry believe that the 370Z is too high-priced for the performance and refinement level it delivers, when compared to others on the market in the same category, and it is obvious that Nissan knows that the 370Z is in need of some work. Probably a lot of it. Nakamura made it pretty clear that this is what he believes. And he's, more or less, the man in charge of that sort of thing.

But Nissan isn't saying anything yet. Not officially. If the IDx goes to production, which it very likely will in some form, it could be built on the basic 370Z platform. If so, it could be a replacement. It could also be built on any of several other platforms in use at Nissan, of course. The concepts are roughly the same size as the Sentra, Juke, and others. Heck, even the Versa Note might be a donor candidate. If it's built to be in the Z family, however, it will either have to be all-new or based on the current (or a modified version of) the Z's chassis.

So what do you think? Is Nissan considering dropping the 370Z in favor of a new Z-car version of the IDx concept? Could it happen as soon as 2016? Chime in and tell us what you think. It's a very real possibility, given the circumstances.


William Cervini (not verified)    November 16, 2014 - 8:16PM

I think the IDx will replace the 370Z. Nissan has been hinting for a few years that the next generation Z will be smaller and lighter and be a 4 cylinder.

Ken Dixon (not verified)    November 17, 2014 - 4:21PM

Please do not drop the Z car!!! This is the flagship of Nissan I want a 50th anniversary Z. The media will make a big deal about it just like the Mustang. We are almost there. I would like to see a remake of the 240Z as it was in 1970 and 1971.
Long live the Z!!!

Ken Howard (not verified)    November 18, 2014 - 12:03PM

'Can't say I really care what they name it; I would love a return to the aesthetics of the 240/280Z. I believe Nissan mentioned a super-low price for a possible IDX model; I'd like to see a more-realistic, better-quality, $25k - $30k price range for a well-outfitted IDX (or new, lighter, smaller Z).

RoyTyrell (not verified)    November 19, 2014 - 7:11PM

I am *so* happy I got my 2014 370 coupe... fully loaded, brand new. while they are still around to be had.

Sports Package
Navigation (ehh, not the best navi system in the world - but it works)
Every conceivable accessory including illuminated kickplates :-)

I LOVE my z and would not trade it for the world. Is it as refined as a porsche? of course not - but it has "character" for a lot less money.

It is not a "cheap" car - but I did not want a cheap car. For everything I got -- $43k out the door is a bargain.

This is a sweet-spot for mid-upper income professionals looking for the a truly amazing automotive experience. A dyed in the wool, no compromises, no apologies SPORTS car.

It takes some getting used to after driving tame sedans hither and fro... but once you DO get used to it - you will never want to drive anything else.

Sad day indeed

Preston (not verified)    December 24, 2014 - 2:17AM

This IDx is dumb, nissan should of brought back the 240sx not the 510. Everyone wants to see the 240sx come back, they haven't been made for a decade now and are extremely popular but hard to find. Nissan is going the wrong direction. Period.

DUKE (not verified)    March 14, 2015 - 6:30PM

Would love a lower cost remake of the 240z. I had a used 72 back in 79 . Put a HP 4cylinder in a modern update of the 240z 2 seat profile ...maybe utilizing the Juke Nismo RS 1.6liter turbo ...Sell for under 24k (nice tie in to name) and ~ 240hp (hence another tie in to name). RWD ,LSD rear, 6spd manual or 7spd auto , simple ,low cost ,high quality interior with some 240z looking interior touches....and I'm there..