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Lotus Formula One design to be called the E20

Lotus is dropping the R31 and Lotus Renault GP titles for its Formula One racers and instead changing to E20, in honor of the Enstone factory's 20th anniversary for the brand.

Lotus has decided to simplify things and drop the Renault GP title from its F1 cars and team titles. For the 2012 season, the top-ranking formula team will be calling their new design the E20 in honor of the Benetton, Renault and Lotus factory in Enstone, which celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year.

“Our naming of the chassis to recognize Enstone's importance to the team's evolution highlights our recognition of the contribution of the facility and the personnel who work tirelessly every year to produce the very best car possible,” team boss Eric Boullier said in a press statement.

The E20 will be revealed shortly before the Formula One season begins this spring, though visually it will not likely have changed much. So far, the Lotus team has announced only technical changes for the race cars to be used this year. The team will also be celebrating its 500th race this season, shortly before the 20 Grands Prix 2012.

A new driver lineup is the big news for the Lotus F1 team's changes this season, including the addition of Jerome D'Ambrosio as a reserve driver joining regulars Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean. D'Ambrosio was a Renault test driver in past pre-seasons, he was most recenly seen driving for Virgin last year as Timo Glock's second. The return of Raikkonen after nearly three years of absence, is seen as a game changer for the team.

The new Lotus Formula One E20 is undergoing final testing and FIA approval.

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