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FIAT Muscling In On The 82nd Geneva International Motor Show With The Fiat Abarth And 500

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FIAT a few surprises for 82nd Geneva Motor Show, the FIAT 500 with Abarth colors and a tantalizing Lancia.

If you happen to be in Geneva, Switzerland the second week of March, don’t miss FIAT’s impressive collection of cars. Alfa Romeo, Lancia, FIAT and Abarth will be there to show the Italian manufacturer has in store for you. And who knows, with a little convincing could export to the US?

The One We’ve Been Waiting For, Alfa Romeo. After a year successful year, Alfa Romeo will show its two stars, the Giulietta and MiTo models. Both models show the company’s latest technical, cutting-edge design, and of course legendary road holding and driving pleasure. The Giulietta won many awards this past year, including the safest car in its segment in the 2011 assessment by EuroNCAP showing a 5-star rating with the highest ever value in its reference segment, 87 out of 100 points. The company also witnessed its greatest image and sales segment growth in 2011 with shares up by almost 20%. Alfa Romeo were chosen by a more mature and demanding clientele with a greater number of families with children, which extends the brand's offering to a greater customer base.

Compared to the competition, the Giulietta has proven to require the least amount of servicing within its first 3 years or 56,000 miles, wooing fleet owners and making it Italy's best-selling car. The European market jumped on the top versions with 90% choosing the "Distinctive" and "Exclusive" models, 16% chose the most powerful engine, the 1.4 MultiAir which puts out 170 hp, representing 15% of the sales.

The Other One We’ve Been Waiting For, Abarth. FIAT bought the Abarth label and thankfully didn’t leave it to gather dust in some discarded drawer. Dubbed: "A world of performance since 1949" the Abarth will be at the Geneva Motor Show showing the legendary company’s world of competition and racing with versions more oriented towards "Gran Turismo", GTs. The new Punto Scorpione is a Limited Edition dedicated to speed and performance, which we will most likely unfortunately never see in the US. Why can’t we have these fun Europeans intact over here?


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