Tucker automobile

Where was the engine on a Tucker automobile?

What kind of animal would you expect to find on the hood of a Dodge?

a) Cougar

b) Ram

c) Jaguar

d) Leopard

2) Where were the engines located on Tucker cars?

a) In the rear

b) Between the front seats

c) In the middle, underneath

d) In the front

3) What brand of car included models “98,” and “Rocket 88”?

a) Buick

b) Lincoln

c) Ford

d) Oldsmobile

4) What kind of American car had holes in the side of the hood beginning in 1949?

a) Nash

b) Hudson

c) Buick

d) DeSoto

5) Where does Subaru place the spare tire?

a) In the trunk

b) In the engine compartment

c) On the bumper

d) On the front fender

6) What car brand was named after a woman?

a) Mercedes

b) Porsche

c) Mazda

d) Rolls-Royce

7) In what year did Toyota begin manufacturing automobiles?

a) 1941

b) 1936

c) 1951

d) 1946

8) Chrysler makes an engine called a “HEMI.” What is that a reference to?

a) The shape of the air cleaner housing

b) The shape of the oil pan

c) Nothing, it’s just a marketing gimmick

d) The shape of the combustion chamber in the cylinder head

9) Commodore, President, Champion and Hawk were models of what car company?

a) Hudson

b) Studebaker

c) Nash

d) Packard

10) Which of these cars was not named for a famous person?

a) LaSalle

b) Ford

c) DeSoto

d) Plymouth


1. B

2. A

3. D

4. C

5. B

6. A

7. B

8. D

9. B

10. D

Dave Menard of Avanti NewsFeatures contributed to this report. You can reach TorqueNews.com's Hawke Fracassa at [email protected]

Image source: 1959 DeSoto Firedome, from Avanti NewsFeatures files, with permission

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