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Saleen Rolls Out a 700-Horsepower, Off-Road-Ready Ford F-150

Saleen Automotive has announced the newest addition to their custom high performance vehicle lineup in the form of another Ford F-150 – this time named the Saleen Sportruck XR.

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Back in January, we brought you the news of the Saleen Sportruck – a customized Ford F-150, built to dominate the street with a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 that delivers 700 horsepower. This week, Saleen expanded the Sportruck lineup, introducing the new XR package. Like the previous Sportruck, this modified F-150 packs 700 supercharged horsepower, but this truck is built for a very different purpose.

“Continually adding to our lineup of performance vehicles is paramount to Saleen Automotive,” said Saleen CEO Steve Saleen. “We are introducing an off-road truck to our high-performance vehicles lineup with the Sportruck XR,” he continued. “Furthering our Saleen Automotive’s commitment to continued growth in the performance car and truck markets, we are proud to debut our Saleen Sportruck XR,” stated Saleen Automotive President Amy Boylan.

Under the Saleen Sportruck XR
When Steve Saleen and his team set out to create a Sportruck for off-road use, their goal wasn’t to build another off-road truck – they wanted to build the best off-road truck on the market. To bring in some world-class expertise on this subject, Saleen sought the help of championship-winning off-road racer Greg Foutz. The result is one of the most comprehensive turnkey packages on sale today, but with the XR package coming in multiple varieties, we will focus on the highest performance features that can be ordered with this beefy F-150.

Under the new Sportruck XR, Saleen has added coil-over front shocks with 2.5-iniches of lift along with 2.5 inches of lift out back from the Smooth Series shocks and a set of Saleen lead springs. The front shocks offer 12 inches of travel while the rear setup boasts 14 inches of travel, witth bypass systems all around.

The XR package can also add upper and lower control arms from Racecraft, a spindle assembly from Fox, a Saleen bump stop kit, 17x8.5-inch wheels wrapped in 33-inch General Tire Grabber X3 tires and a set Saleen Signature Series brakes with 13.8-inch rotors all around, two-piston calipers up front and single-piston units out back. It should be noted that Saleen also offers an upgraded brake package with 14-inch rotors and six-piston calipers.

Inside and Out
The wheels, tires and suspension setup gives the Saleen Sportruck XR an unmistakable stance, but the company wanted to make sure that these trucks were never mistaken for a basic F-150 with some upgrades. To help this truck stand out, Saleen has added unique front and rear bumpers, body-colored wheel flares, a unique grille, step bars, a new tailgate panel, the “power hood” and an array of unique badging all around.

On the inside, the Saleen Sportruck XR sports a full-leather interior, embroidered headrests, Saleen white face gauges, embroidered floor mats, a dash plaque with the model name and VIN and a more package-specific badging.

We don’t have any pricing for this package, but considering the performance capabilities of this truck, we imagine that it costs a little more than a fully-loaded Raptor when you get the XR with all of the available options. In other words, it is probably very expensive, but for that money, buyers get one of the most capable turnkey performance trucks on the road today.

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