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The Ram Pickup Beats Toyota Camry, Chevrolet Silverado in March Sales

The Ram pickup did something in March that it hasn’t done in more than 30 years - beating the Chevrolet Silverado in monthly sales and finishing second overall in American market sales behind only the Ford F Series.

The Ford F Series has been the bestselling vehicle in America for decades and for the last decade or so, the Chevrolet Silverado and Toyota Camry have routinely been 2nd and 3rd in annual sales while the Ram truck has typically finished somewhere else in the top 5 or top 10 depending on the year. In most cases, the F Series, the Silverado and the Camry have also finished 1-2-3 in monthly sales during that lengthy period, but for the first time in a very long time - the mighty Ram truck posted better sales than both the Silverado and the Camry in March 2014.

In March 2014, the Chrysler Group sold 42,532 examples of their full size Ram pickup - an increase of 26% over the same month last year. While both the sales figure and the growth rate are very impressive, the bigger news comes from other automakers. General Motors only sold 42,247 Chevrolet Silverado pickups and Toyota sold just 41,953 examples of the Camry so in March 2014, the Ram pickup moved more units than the two models which have historically been the 2nd and 3rd bestselling vehicles in the US along with the Nissan Altima and the Honda Accord - two other vehicles which typically outsell the Ram.

Unfortunately for Chrysler, the powerhouse that is the modern Ford F Series continued to roll on with more than 70,000 units sold last month securing Ford’s place atop the American auto industry once again. While the Ram truck has a long way to climb before it came come close to challenging the F Series, but it is a big victory for Chrysler to be able to claim the #2 spot in US sales for the first time in decades. It will be interesting to see if Chrysler can continue the momentum of the award winning Ram pickup through this year to take a real shot at being in the top three bestselling vehicles in the US.