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The production Toyota FT-86 leaked in Japanese brochure

The production-ready Toyota FT-86 is expected to make its grand debut in December at the Tokyo Motor Show but thanks to a leaked Japanese brochure, we may have an early look at the new rear wheel drive sports car in production form.


Toyota has paraded their new FT-86 rear drive sports car around the world in a variety of conceptual form but as a part of the partnership with Subaru (who will offer their own version of this car currently being called the BRZ), Toyota has promised not to show any of the production-ready body panels. Subaru will join Toyota in unveiling their new sports car in Tokyo but from the looks of the FT-86 shown in this leaked brochure; we are looking at the Toyota FT-86 that will go on sale in the Japanese market.

While the car shown on the right very clearly displays the styling cues of the Toyota FT-86 ii Concept, the Toyota sports car in the leaked brochure features headlights and foglights that look much more production friendly (and less costly) than the high tech, super angular light assembly seen on the concept. The basic shape of the front end is still very similar to the concept but the apparent production FT-86 wears a front fascia that has a steady curve to the bottom edge where the last concept shown in Frankfurt saw a more jagged front lip and the foglight housing itself looks more like what we see from other current Toyota production models.

Along the side of Toyota FT-86 in the leaked brochure, the lines are nearly identical to the concept but the mirror looks to be larger and the door handle assembly is something more of what we would expect in a production model. The lower rocker area of the production FT-86 looks to differ a bit from the concept with a defined body line at the start of the lower body sill while the concept body curved away as it neared the ground.

The back of the Toyota FT-86 shown in the new leaked brochure looks totally different than the concept, with a set of chrome taillights being a far cry from the angular LED tails found on the concept. Along the bottom of the concept, there were a series of channels created to control the rear air flow but with the production FT-86, there is a more traditional lower fascia that runs side to side with only a bit of the splitter effect in the middle. The smooth rear face of the FT-86 ii Concept is gone, with an angular trunk lid making room for the license plate and this new plate area also caused the lengthy taillights from the concept to be cut off quite a bit for production form.

The production ready Toyota FT-86 is set to debut in December in Tokyo so we should soon know everything that there is know about the new rear wheel drive sports car but for the time being, it looks as though we have our first look at the FT-86 in production skin.

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Source: (A special thanks to Antonio for the heads up on this!)