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The Toyota FT-86ii Concept shows up at Frankfurt with little change

Earlier this month, Toyota offered a teaser video of their FT-86ii sports car ending with a mention of this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show leading many to believe that we would see something new on the Toyota version of the joint venture with Subaru but as the show has come, what we have is the same FT-86ii that we have seen at past auto shows – except it’s orange.

The teaser video of the Toyota FT-86ii headed to Frankfurt shows the black concept car shown on the right being prepped and rolled into a paint booth so it should come as no surprise that the FT-86ii that was unveiled in Frankfurt was orange but the bigger surprise is that very little seems to have changed. Toyota claims that the FT-86ii Concept shown off today in Frankfurt is "lighter, faster and sportier" than previous versions of the concept but whatever changes made are not visual. Maybe the orange paint weighs less than the black paint so that made it lighter and faster, as I would say that the orange paint makes it look a little sportier? There are also some new Brembo brake calipers that could technically weigh less than the previous units – but we would like to think that Toyota has done more than just perform some “fine print” modifications to claim that it is lighter and faster.

In any case, Toyota continues to parade the FT-86ii Concept to auto shows around the world, keeping us all reminded that the rear wheel drive performance coupe with Subaru Boxer engine power is coming – we just don’t know when. We also don’t know much about the drivetrain, other than the points that it will use Subaru Boxer power, rear wheel drive and include a manual transmission with a focus on offering a near-perfect weight distribution for superior handling. Unfortunately, the teaser video issued last week of the Toyota FT-86ii Concept got us exciting seemingly for nothing as the Toyota sports car that was rolled out in Frankfurt might be improved but it’s nothing that we can see…so ultimately Toyota hasn’t given enthusiasts much to be excited about shy of a chance to see the car in a new color.

Check out the teaser video below and should any new information become available on the Toyota FT-86, you will find it here on!

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