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Toyota considering American 2012 Camry production for Korea

Toyota announced earlier this year that all 2012 Toyota Camry models sold in the United States would also be built in the US with help from Subaru’s Indiana plant and now, rumors suggest that Toyota may also begin exporting the 2012 Camry for the South Korean market.


The strength of the Japanese Yen against the US Dollar has made it less profitable for Toyota to build the 2012 Camry in Japan and then ship it to the US so it makes good sense for the company to stop importing Camrys from Japan. This allows the company to make more money on each Camry sold while also affording Akio Toyoda the luxury of talking about how the Camry is the most American car sold in the country. Moving the production of the South Korean-bound 2012 Camry sedans to the US would benefit the Japanese automaker in a variety of ways, especially considering the fact that the US has a free trade agreement with South Korea.

In recent years, Toyota has exporting US-built models to a variety of other countries with the most popular current Toyota from the US plants being the Avalon, which has seen around 5,800 units shipped to the middle east. The decision to produce 2012 Toyota Camry sedans for the South Korean consumer market would serve as a feather in Toyota’s cap while at the same time, the increased need for production would effectively increase the number of shifts at the Georgetown Toyota plant and the Indiana Subaru plant. Unfortunately, there has been no official word from Toyota but according to representative at one of the Kentucky production facilities, there has been no decision to build Korean-bound Camry.

When Toyota announced earlier this year that they would not be exporting any 2012 Camry sedans from Japan for the US market, the company pointed out that they would continue to build the Camry in small numbers for the domestic market along with some other Asian markets. Even with the considerations of moving production of Korean Camrys to the United States, Toyota has pledged to continue producing vehicles in Japan to help protect the country’s manufacturing industry and workers.

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