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The original BMW M6 hits the block at the 2011 Mecum Indy Auction

The majority of the major head-turners at the 2011 Mecum Spring Classic Auction were built by an American automaker; show goers had a chance to own a rare high performance German sports car in the form of the 1988 BMW M6.

The 1988 BMW M6 was the first of the series to be offered with the same external differences from the non-M 6-series coupes in every world market. Prior to this, European and North American models had slight differences but for 1988 and 1989, the US models received the same great looks as their overseas cousins. Unfortunately, the North American models always received a decrease in power compared to the European models, due to the catalyst requirements in the US. These M6 coupes were all powered by an inline six measuring 3.5 litres and sending 256hp (282 in Europe) to the rear wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission. When combined with the aerodynamic improvements to the front end, this original BMW M6 could hit a top speed of 158 miles per hour – three miles per hour faster than the stock 2010 BMW M6 as BMW has limited almost every other vehicle in recent times to a top speed of 155. This made the 1988 BMW M6 one of the fastest cars available in the US at the time, helped by the fact that in the late 80s the American automakers were more concerned with fuel economy than high performance.

On top of the 256hp 3.5L engine and the front end aerodynamic changes, the M6 received a rear spoiler, BBS wheels (this particular M6 is fitted with late model BMW wheels), larger brakes compared to the non-M BMW 6-Series coupes of the 1980s. Along with those performance oriented additions, the 1988 M6 came with all of the high end luxury features that you would expect of the BMW brand including all sorts of power amenities and a high end Blaupunkt stereo system.

Unfortunately (for the owner of this super clean 1988 BMW M6), the crowd must have been saving their big bucks for the American muscle cars and Italian exotics as the vintage M6 failed to meet the buyer’s reserve price. The highest bid for this M6 was just $13,000 and if you are interested in taking your shot at buying this ’88 BMW, click here for more information on the Mecum website!

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