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The Mecum 2011 Indy Spring Classic has something for everyone

TorqueNews has spent the last two days working through the 2000+ cars of the 2011 Mecum Indy Spring Classic Auction and there is one thing that we’ve learned - this event has something for everyone.

When you consider the fact that the Mecum Indy event has over 2000 cars, it isn’t hard to imagine that there is an incredible spread of cars, trucks, vans and everything in between. If you have seen a Mecum auction in Discovery HD Theater, you have gotten a look at the collection of antique, classic and modern vehicles but when you spend a few hours on the grounds; it is truly a remarkable event packed full of the vehicles that dreams are made of.

From building to building, row to row, there are countless COPO Camaros, factory Hemi Cudas, original Shelby GT500s, 1963 Split Window Corvettes, and other legendary cars from yesteryear. Cars that would easily win the average car show are “just one of the crowd” as nearly every vehicle is numbers matching and in perfect shape - along with amazing customized and modified vehicles However, as you enjoy the thousands of classic muscle cars you quickly find that the Mecum auction is about quality as well as quantity - offering every imagine type of vehicle for every type of collector. In addition to having over 2,000 vehicles, this Mecum Auction offers a huge collection of vintage and modern motorcycles along with vintage car parts and memorabilia…so there are even collectables for those who don’t collect cars or trucks.

From the Model T to the 2011 Corvette ZR1, the Mecum Indy Auction offers collectors a chance to buy truly remarkable vehicles from every genre of the American automotive industry and over the next few days, we will try to bring you a look at the vehicles that stand out in this unbelievable crowd of vehicles.

Check out the gallery below for a very brief look at just a small group of vehicles from the 2011 Mecum Indy Spring Classic Auction and stay tuned to for our ongoing coverage of the world’s largest collectable car auction!