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Next generation Dodge Challenger could arrive as early as 2014

As the Dodge Challenger heads into the 2013 model year, the LC platform on which the brawny Mopar muscle car enters its 6th model year but according to the folks at Automobile Magazine, Sergio Marchionne has indicated that the next generation Challenger could arrive as soon as 2014.

Little is known about the Dodge Challenger set to arrive in 2014 but reports indicate that it will continue to be based on the “same DNA” as the Chrysler 300. That leads us to believe that the next generation Challenger will still be based on the same sedan architecture as the 300 and Charger which, sadly, means that it will likely still be a larger muscle car. Rumors have been floating around the Mopar enthusiast community that there is a smaller, lighter Challenger that would have more compact dimensions – taking a direct shot at the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro. The Challenger has often been criticized for its hefty weight and those who want to compete more closely with the Mustang and Camaro have been praying for a lighter Challenger in the next generation. Unfortunately, unless there is some sort of substantial redesign of the chassis – we can expect the next generation Challenger to be similar in weight to the current models.

Since being introduced for the 2008 model year, the Dodge Challenger has received only minor upgrades other than increases in power and engine size. In terms of the interior and exterior, the Challenger has remained mainly unchanged so it wouldn’t come as a huge surprise to see the next generation Challenger arrive in 2014. Depending on when it actually arrives, it could either serve as either a 2014 or 2015 model year vehicle. We can expect that the Challenger will continue offering a V6 entry level engine and a variety of V8 engines with the Pentastar V6 and two variations of the Hemi V8. One of the key features that many prospective Challenger owners are hoping for is a manual transmission for the V6 models to help the base Challenger compete with the manually shifted, V6-powered Mustang and Camaro. We would also expect to see a tradition automatic transmission (perhaps the 8-speed auto currently available in the V6 Charger and 300) as well as a 6-speed manual transmission. I would also bet that the next generation Challenger will feature an awesome “race track” LED taillight design like those featured on the Dodge Charger and Dodge Dart.

One interesting idea that Automobile Magazine mentions when discussing the next generation Dodge Challenger is the possibility that it could be introduced as the SRT Challenger and not the Dodge Challenger. The problem with that idea is that we cannot expect the SRT brand to offer V6 and lower performance V8 engines in addition to the high end SRT 6.4L V8 so if anything, the Challenger V6 and base (presumably the 5.7L Hemi) V8 could be badged as Dodge products while the range-topping Mopar muscle car would be badged as an SRT Challenger. When you look at it from that perspective, it seems less likely that the Challenger will enter its next generation as an SRT brand vehicle.

Perhaps the next SRT branded vehicle will be a rear wheel drive coupe with Hemi power but it seems to be more likely that it would be a new model of its own – perhaps the rebirth of the Cuda? Only time will tell but with 2014 about a year and a half away, it shouldn’t be long before more news on the next generation Dodge Challenger surfaces if it truly is destined for the 2014 (or even 2015) model year.

Source: Automobile Magazine

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I love the design but if it could be like a 7/8 the size maybe use a modified chrysler 200 or a shortened 300 and have it a little lower to the ground. Same design a little aerodynamic tweaks. You want it perfect lets shave about 500-700 pounds with the hemi weighing about 3400-3600 max same interior and trunk space. I imagine with same engine options lets see 0-60 in about 4.8 in the base and upgrade to 4.4 seconds and top of the line hitting 0-60 in about 3.8 seconds and top out at about 185MPH and base about 155 and midline about 170mphCoheserv
"...which, sadly, means that it will likely still be a larger muscle car. " I sure hope so. The styling and size were the main factors in my choosing to buy the Challenger vice the Mustang. If I had wanted a smaller, cramped car I would have bought the Mustang. My SXT can knock down 28+ mpg when driven 60-65mph, has plenty of room inside and the 305hp 3.6 has plenty of power for a commuter duty. If I wasn't concerned about fuel consumption I would have bought a SRT 8.
\\\\\\\dont get me wrong \i like roomybut \i thnk you can lose alot of weight and still be roomy \i have been in a Challenger and have an old challenger but looking weight wise a midsize sonata is more roomy and weighs 750pounds less if it ad a \\v8 it would still be 600 pounds less and no a \sonata can not touch a mopar but have that same mopar look lower to ground a littleand lose weight and kick butt as well as have room that is not asking too mch considering any \jap car of same size is 500-700 lighter there has got to be a way to take off some pounds
It's a retro muscle car. Keep it big and heavy. Chrysler/Fiat knows what they're doing.
I'm actually glad for the heavier chassis. The Dodge Challenger is the last car that screams Detroit steel and american muscle power. Granted it could have increased performance if you made it lighter and did this like this other car does and do that like that other car does but WHY BE LIKE ALL THE OTHERS which is the point I think the Challenger intentionally makes. Chrysler already has a 300 why be like another 300 and dodge already has a charger why make another charger to which I say HELL NO the new Dodge Challenger is the perfect fusion of those old Detroit steel muscle cars we remember and love with newer technology and guidelines if they made it lighter weight it would not have that feel at all.
Agreed. The weight and roominess of this car makes it a "boomer" muscle car. At my age, I love the quiet ride, roominess, and smoothness. It still has great looks and plenty of power. I love this car - best I've ever owned. This is the perfect daily driver for men (and women!) my age. If you want something to compete with Camaro and Mustang, then make a different car. How about a reborn Duster?
it is a nice ride, smooth and quiet, nice acceleration. how bout the new ones have a flat front, not pointed as they are. more original. i dont like points on the fronts and especially the rear. thank god they didnt point the rear like the camaro. then offer a bench seat with column shift. dont lower it, if anything put some fatter tires on it. ha ha i think you'll agree. but maybe not the public.
I just bought a 2012 RT Classic. The ride is just excellent. As for the size and weight of the car I think it's just fine. It is what it is - A big broad shouldered cruiser that hauls ***. Anyone who wants to complain about it can move over to the right lane.
It's sad that dodge doesn't make it faster, but the srt8 challenger moves over to right lane for a regular mustang gt for allot less money.
Well the GT is fairly close to the SRT8 the Boss is a little faster than that. But your missing the point, the Challenger is more than performance. It's about presentation. If I drive my Challenger through any town I get more looks than almost any Mustang will. They are fun to drive, comfortable and look old school more than ANY other car period.
We just got a 2012 Challenger SXT and we love it, part of the reason we got it was the ride. It runs just fine for me and gets better gas mileage, rides and handles better than the 2010 Malibu we traded in on it. We test drove Mustangs and Camaros v-6's and V-8's and the Challenger was the best. More room, better ride and good mpg. Entrance and exit are easy, We have a 2001 Camaro and I have to duck into it and crawl out, not in the Challenger, drivers or passenger side. They did a fine job of retro'ing it, the only thing they need to change now is add a convex mirror to the outsside mirror, Charger like tail lights and slightly larger hood scoops.
The size IS the reason I traded in my dolled up 05 Mustang. If I had wanted smaller, I would have purchased a new Mustang. I love the muscle look, but needed the size for my dog. I love it! Don't ruin a good thing.
traded my 2010 V6 Challenger for a 2013 RT Challenger. Awesome! car. keep it as it is. i've owned a 67 Dodge Cornett 440, 71 Plymouth GTX, 70 Plymouth Duster... Mopars all the time. love the big size, power & feel. this is better than those other pony cars. let the Mopar guys keep building Mopars. thats what they do best. Buy American to keep America working.