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The new Korean 4-door sport sedan expect to be called the Kia GT

In mid-August, we got our first look at the new Kia’s new rear wheel drive sport sedan that many believed would be called the Veredus but based on newly unearthed pictures of this new sport sedan, it looks like this car will be known as the Kia GT.

The first pictures of the new Kia GT Concept only offered us candid shots from tight angles that kept us wondering but these shots look like they are likely from the same batch along with some with some generous computer generated backgrounds. These new pictures don’t offer much new information as far as the exterior styling as the “teasers” in August showed off quite a bit but what these new pictures do show is the auto show style license plate that plainly reads “GT” (shown on the right) – leading many to believe that this new sport sedan (at least in concept form) will be called the Kia GT. For a closer look at the new Kia GT pictures, click any of the thumbnails on the right side.

One thing that these new Kia GT Concept pictures offer that the first batch did not is a look at the interior layout, beginning with a shot of the doors open as the rear “suicide” style doors offer an incredibly clear look at the interior layout. The front seats are thin, allowing for more legroom for rear-rising passengers and although the Kia GT is billed as a sport sedan, the interior finishes make it look more like a high tech luxury sedan with leather seating and surfaces such as the door panel and center console that look to be comprised of wood.

When you get to the dash pictures of the new Kia GT sport sedan, you see far more of the sportiness that Kia is looking to capture with the gauge cluster featuring one large speedometer and one large tachometer tucked behind the angular, sport inspired steering wheel. From the looks of these pictures, the Kia GT will feature paddle shifters that will work on conjunction with the console mounted PRNDL shifter and in following with the new “high tech minimalist” look, the HVAC system is controlled via a tiny readout in the middle of the dash. Finally, sporty aluminum pedals and the console mounted push to start button accentuate the sport sedan theme even though the interior finishes really make this look more like a luxury car.

The new Kia GT (if that is indeed what it is called) will make its grand debut next week at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, at which point we should have plenty of information on Kia’s newest concept vehicle.

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Source: Autoblog