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The Mopar Ram Runner in production form heads to Moab

Last year, Mopar unveiled their off-road ready Ford Raptor-fighter known as the Ram Runner and after a year of touring auto shows around the country, Mopar will bring the Ram Runner back to Moab to introduce the production version of this high performance off-road package.


The Mopar Ram Runner Stage II kit is the ultimate factory-offered off-road kit for Ram 1500 quad cab with a 6’4” bed. Aside from the gorgeous Ram/Mopar race scheme spread along the sides of the Ram Runner, this purpose built off-road truck is comprised of 5 items all available from Mopar. The massive suspension package, front bumper, rear tire carrier, fiberglass front fenders and fiberglass bed sides are technically the entire package, although to complete the package you will have to add a wheel/tire package that fits your needs and the Mopar powerbulge hood. If you really want to go crazy – you’ll need to shop around for a good price on a roll cage and racing seats to make your own clone of the Mopar Ram Runner show vehicles.

The Mopar Ram Runner Stage II kit is available through Mopar and the package (again, without the wheels/tires, Mopar hood, roll cage or seats) comes with a price tag of $17,095 – although $13,270 is the pre-runner stage II suspension package. This hefty suspension setup includes Fox Racing shocks similar to those used on the Ford Raptor (a Mopar rep pointed out to me that these are a higher quality of shock than what is used in the Raptor) and control arms that allow for an unprecedented 14” of suspension travel with clearance for all of that travel provided by the flared fiberglass fenders and bedsides.

We have heard most of this before from the initial debut of the Mopar Ram Runner but as the Hemi-powered Ram hits Moab, this is officially a package that is legal in all 50 US states…even that wild front bumper. The Mopar Ram Runner looks awesome and with the exception of the $13,000 suspension package, the upgrades are surprisingly affordable. Plus, since the Ram Runner kit comes as a piece by piece package, you can apply the Ram Runner body panels to your 2009-2011 Ram if you have already built up the suspension – with panels that are sure to fit since they come directly from the truck’s manufacturer.

To feature the production version of the Mopar Ram Runner package, Mopar will be an official sponsor of the 2011 TORC short-course off-road racing truck series with two entries (one being well known drifter Sam Hubinette ) showing the racing performance of the Ram brand and the Ram Runner will be the official pace truck for all of the 2011 events.

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