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Last Rides provides a stylish afterlife for the car guy

The SEMA Show is chock full of unique automotive products but none are as unique and unusual as the custom automotive burial urns offered by the folks from Last Rides.

We have all heard the stories about a car guy being buried in his dream car but if you really love your car that much, do you want it to be destroyed by burying it? That is where the custom burial urns from the folks at Last Rides ( come into play, as they can craft an exact replica of your car or truck that rests on a handsome base, serving as your ride through the afterlife. Mind you, this is not a diecast car from Ertl or Greenlight bolted to a decorative box – this is a handcrafted, identical replica of your ride that is hollow inside. This means that no matter how heavily customized your ride may be, Last Rides can replicate it in the form of a great looking burial urn with your ashes being in both the base – and the car itself.

The way that it works is that you send a variety of pictures of your car or truck from different angles and the artists at Last Rides sculpt it and affix it to the painted or stained wooden base. Last Rides can take into account all sorts of modifications so whether you have a car that looks completely stock or a full restomodded muscle car with heavy body mods and unique wheels – Last Rides can duplicate it. This means that the avid car guy can spend the afterlife in the car he loved while still having that car (truck, etc) exist for others to enjoy. This product also allows the relatives to display a loved one’s ashes in an urn that is far more styling than the traditional metal canister.

The price of the Last Rides burial urn can vary greatly based on the vehicle being sculpted and such but the owners of the company explained that these awesome urns start around $2,000. That might seem like a fair deal of money but when you consider the cost of a less-attractive burial urn or the cost of a coffin – the Last Rides burial urn is a stylish, affordable solution to carry a gearhead to the afterlife. Also, while it might seem a bit odd to some, Last Rides allows a gearhead the chance to order their urn in advance so they will known just what their urn will look like before the final days arrive.

Imagine that for a conversation starter:
What is that?
That is my custom burial urn!

On the right, a look of an in-progress Eleanor replica and a finished Plymouth Superbird, both of which were featured at the 2011 SEMA Show. I’ve been attending the SEMA Show for years but the burial urns offered by the folks at Last Rides is very likely the most innovative and unique product I have ever seen at the massive Vegas convention.

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