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GM debuts the Chevrolet Mi-ray ahead of the Seoul debut

When the Seoul Motor Show opens tomorrow the world will be formally introduced to the futuristic Chevrolet Mi-ray concept but today General Motors offered a preview of the sleek new hybrid roadster.


As you can see in the image on the left, the Chevrolet Mi-ray concept is not one of those auto show vehicles headed for immediate production but in the sporty, compact design of the Mi-ray we could be taking a look into the future of the hybrid sports car segment. The overall design provides a very fluid look, with the carbon fiber body panels broken up by the central ambient lighting integrated into the body lines. It also has some awesome Lamborghini style doors that you can check out in the gallery below.

Inside, the Chevrolet Mi-ray offers a cutting edge interior featuring dark leather surfaces in an aggressive, brightly colored cockpit style dash. Rear backup cameras can be retracted for a sportier look and forward-mounted cameras offer real-time video overlays working with the car’s GPS navigation system.

The drivetrain is the most important feature of the Chevrolet Mi-ray concept as the sporty eco roadster offers an electric mode that drives the front wheels or a gasoline-powered mode the drives the rear wheels – either of which can be chosen at the flip of a switch by the driver. The electrical drive system uses a set of 15 watt motors powered by a 1.6kW lithium ion battery pack to power the Mi-ray in urban settings and low speed acceleration but when the driver of this sporty Chevy roadster wants a little more kick, the rear wheel drive system engages. This rear drive system uses a 1.5L turbocharged gasoline engine mated to a dual-clutch automatic transmission and while the press release states that the driver can select between the two drive systems, it would be interesting if they could work together to send even more power to the road – although GM hasn’t offered power numbers on either the 1.5L turbocharged gasoline engine or the pair of 15 watt electrical motors.

One other attractive feature of the Chevrolet Mi-ray is the location of the major drivetrain components, with the heaviest components of the electric propulsion system and the gasoline engine located in a “midship” position – under (batteries) or behind (gasoline engine) the driver.

The radical lines and pricey construction materials make it unlikely that the Chevy Mi-ray will be showing up on dealership lots any time soon, but this sleek concept roadster provides a look at the possible near-future of eco-friendly sports cars.

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