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General Motors responds to Nissan “Gas Powered Everything” television ad

Earlier today, TorqueNews brought you a look at the new Nissan Lead television advertisement that envisions a world where everything relies on a gasoline engine with the commercial going so far as to include the 2011 Chevrolet Volt and in reply to the playful commercial shot in the ribs, General Motors employees have offered a few choice comments.

Click here for a closer look at the Nissan Leaf TV commercial piece.

According to AutoEvolution, General Motors head of Volt PR Rob Peterson called the commercial “cute”, going on to say that the new Leaf commercial spot is "misleading and damaging to the EV movement." Offering a little more tongue in cheek reply on the topic, GM product and brand communications head Jason Laird Twittered this unofficial comment:
“A carmaker poking gentle fun at our product ignores tow trucks they need and rental cars they recommend as backup to their product.”

Oh snap! Nice comeback.

For those unfamiliar with the subject, when questioned about the fact that the 2011 Nissan Leaf can leave a driver stranded, Nissan points out that they offer towing services. On the subject of needing a vehicle to make a longer trip than the Leaf’s battery will allow, Nissan suggests that the owner of the Leaf consider a rental car. In comparison, when the battery range of the 2011 Chevrolet Volt is reached, the on-board charging system utilizing a gasoline engine kicks in, allowing the same range as a traditional vehicle. Because of this, the Volt offers an unlimited driving distance while offering the same emission-free driving as the Leaf.

General Motors has not offered an official rebuttal but with the sublte mud-slinging moving to the next level with Nissan including the Volt in one of their commercials, perhaps GM will take a shot back at the Japanese rival in a future commercial of their own. With the publicity that these unofficial comments by company employees has gotten already, perhaps GM will offer up an official reply before taking the time to create a new TV spot.

Source: AutoEvolution

Thanks to Fat Mikey for the heads up on this!

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