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A world where gasoline powers everything

In a brilliant stroke of advertising, Nissan turns the tables on the modern world by projecting a world where everything that normally runs on electricity actually is powered by gasoline engines. Even the machine that reads your credit card at the restaurant has tiny little twin chrome exhausts spewing grayish white smoke into the air.
Posted: May 31, 2011 - 11:50AM
Author: Don Bain

What if you’re coffee maker had a starter cord like your lawn mower? What if it was as hard to start as some mowers really are – what would that do for your morning?

Another scene portrays a scene at the dentist – he smiles warmly as he pulls the cord to start his chain saw mounted oral drill. The only way this could possibly work for most of us would require the exhaust to contain a high nitrous oxide content.

How about a vending machine in a food court that spews acrid exhaust into the room – how would that affect your appetite?

How much would your electric toothbrush weigh if it had a combustions engine? Would your shaver be like a miniature gas-powered reel-mower?
What if the computer you are reading this on had a half-pint gas can sitting beside it to keep it running?

Perhaps most frightening is the wild thought that should you need a crash cart defibrillator, would they get it started in time or would fumes ignite with the electric charge blowing you and everyone else nearby to kingdom come?

Maybe there’s nothing wrong with driving around in cars with combustion engines but these new ads from Nissan can’t help but put some crazy thoughts in your head.

Will Chevrolet respond with an ad depicting a Leaf driver loading scuba gear in his EV and donning the mask and regulator so he can drive through the thick emissions of a coal-fired power plant? Only time will tell…