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Forza 4 to offer first playable demo on October 3rd

Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios has announced that the first playable demo for the upcoming Forza Motorsports 4 will be available on October 3rd for Xbox Live Gold members (October 7th for everyone else) and when the game is launched in the US on October 11th, Forza aficionados will have a chance to snag a ton of extra content with the Season Pass.

Microsoft hasn’t offered any idea as to how much of the new Forza Motorsports 4 will be available to play when the first demo version hits Xbox Live on October 3rd, but based on the screen shots offered of the upcoming sim racer – it should do a great job of getting gamers good and fired up for the October 11th debut. In addition to the news of the demo debut date, Turn 10 announced that Forza 4 will include Indianapolis Motor Speedway and day-one gamers will have a chance to get their hands on unique DLC packs (downloadable content) including the Forza Motorsports 4 Season Pass.

The Forza Motorsports 4 Season Pass might be the biggest news since we got our first look at screenshots of the racing game that is likely to set the standard for the industry. The Season Pass contains six DLC packs for a total of 60 new vehicles for just 2,400 Microsoft points, or $29.99 USD depending on whether you buy the season pass online or in a store front like Best Buy or GameStop. Turn 10 hasn’t offered any insight into what vehicles or types of vehicles will be included in the 60 cars that come with the Season Pass but these 6 car packages will be sold separately between November 2011 and April 2012. Not only do you get these cars in advance of the normal rollout but considering that each normal DLC pack will cost $7 USD, buying the Season Pass saves you $10 bucks.

Those who buy the Forza Motorsports 4 Season Pass will also receive the American Muscle Car pack, which is already included for those gamers who pre-ordered the limited edition version of Forza 4. Turn 10 announced a few months back that Limited Collector’s Edition would include all sorts of collectable goodies along with the American Muscle Car pack, the Launch Car pack and the VIP Car pack. Along with the announcement that the Season Pass would include the American Muscle Car pack, Turn 10 offered a list of the vehicles included in this package and it is an awesome collection of the most powerful American cars of all time. The specially featured American muscle cars are:
1965 Pontiac GTO
1968 Pontiac Firebird
1970 Buick GSX
1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee
1966 Chevrolet Nova SS
1969 Shelby GT500 428CJ
1971 Plymouth GTX 426 Hemi
1967 Dodge Coronet W023
1968 Dodge Dart Hemi Super Stock
1964 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt

It is interesting that there is no Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Camaro but we can bet that the full car list will include plenty of these popular pony cars from the last 50 years.

As we get closer to the October 11th US launch of Forza 4 we can expect more news, including the October 3rd demo launch (again, October 7th for those who aren’t Xbox Live Gold members) and hopefully a better look at the DLC packs included in the Season Pass. One thing is for certain - when Forza 4 hits shelves on October 11th, automotive gamers around the US will have very unproductive days as FM4 looks to revolutionize the driving game world.

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