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Microsoft offers 1st trailer from Forza Motorsports 4

Since the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June, the gaming world has know that the next installment of Forza Motorsports was coming soon and with a the first official trailer (more like a teaser) on the Xbox YouTube channel, the hype over Forza 4 can official begin.

The video, which you can view by clicking here courtesy of, gives you a very brief look at the first official trailer for Forza Motorsports 4 that will debut in the fall of 2011. Although this teaser doesn’t give us a great look at the actual gameplay nor does it tell us what might be different about Forza 4, if you watch closely you will be able to notice a shift back and forth from actual video of various racing scenes and game footage from FM4. We do get a heavy dose of hints of what will be included in Forza 4, with a collection of very short scenes showing a wide variety of cars tearing through mud, sand and tarmac surfaces.

The few glimpses that we do get of Forza 4 in this trailer show the Ford GT supercar from a variety of angles and it looks like Forza Motorsports 4 will feature the same stunning graphics that we have come to expect from the developers at Turn 10. Although there is no mention of it in this trailer, at E3 2010 Turn 10 showed off the functionality of Forza 4 with the new Microsoft Kinect – an advanced hands-free gaming system which allows the gamer to steer the car simply by making a driving gesture with your hands. Click here for a look at the Kinect-Forza 4 feature displayed at the 2010 E3.

Forza Motorsports 4 is expected to raise the bar for racing simulators, even though its main competition – Gran Turismo 5 – has failed to impress in a great many reviews since its launch late last month. Forza 4 will only be available for Xbox 360 and Gran Turismo 5 is only available for Sony’s PS3 so comparisons are difficult for many system-loyal gamers but as someone who enjoys racing games on all three of the modern gaming consoles, GT5 is an early disappointment and Forza 4 has a chance to secure the title of the best racing game in all the land.

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