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The Ford Explorer to show its smooth side at SEMA 2011

Even though the new Ford Explorer’s unibody construction is viewed by some as being less than ideal for off-roading and other rigorous activities, Ford Motor Company is quick to point out just how capable their hot-selling SUV is but when the 2011 SEMA Show opens in Las Vegas, Ford will focus on featuring the smooth, street-going side of the full sized sport ute.

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Since being introduced with the new look, the Ford Explorer has been marketed as an SUV that can do anything that the old Explorer (which featured truck-like body on frame construction) can while getting better fuel economy - from towing to off roading - but at the 2011 SEMA Show Ford looks to remind everyone that the new Explorer is also designed to be a great vehicle for everyday driving. To do that, Ford has enlisted the help of Stitchcraft Interiors, DSO Eyewear and Tjin Edition to trick out the new sporty utility vehicle for the purpose of cruising the streets and looking great while doing so.

The 2011 Ford Explorer’s headed for the company-sponsored display at SEMA:
2011 Ford Explorer by Stitchcraft Interiors (shown on the right) – As you might guess, the main focus of this modified 2011 Ford Explorer is the interior and Stitchcraft cuts no corners; adding high end Alcantara leather surfaces to the seats, door panels and other accent points throughout the vehicle – topping it off with a premier Orion sound system. On the outside, this Explorer features a unique paint scheme, striking graphics and a sexy set of huge chrome rims.

2011 Ford Explorer by DSO Eyewear – DSO Eyewear looks to “embrace an active sports urban lifestyle” with the 2011 Ford Explorer, adding a lowering kit to tuck the body around the unique 24” wheels. A BASF pearl tri-coat paint scheme with black chrome trim provides a very classy yet sporty look and LED headlights complete the exterior design. Inside, Katzkin multi-toned leather is found throughout the cabin to provide for a luxurious ride.

2011 Ford Explorer by Tjin Edition – Last but not least is the 2011 Ford Explorer built by Tjin Edition which adds 24” iForged wheels wrapped in Falken tires, high performance LED headlights, a sporty suspension package and a big brake kit to enhance the looks and performance of the brawny SUV. Inside, we can expect a distinct orange interior with a high end sound system to provide comfort and high quality sound to those riding inside this modified Explorer.

Check out the gallery on the right by clicking any of the thumbnails for a closer look at the three 2011 Ford Explorers headed to SEMA and stay tuned for our comprehensive coverage from the Vegas show!

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