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The first Italian-built Chrysler production models unveiled

The Chrysler Group hopes to see their popularity grow in the European market and today, they took the first step in making that happen (hopefully) with the introduction of the new 2012 Chrysler Delta and 2012 Chrysler Ypsilon – their two newest European offerings both of which are based on Lancia models that share the same names.

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Chrysler brand director Nigel Land says: "Through the launch of Ypsilon and Delta we now have a range that encompasses both the small and medium passenger car markets with vehicles that are notably well designed, ensuring that they really are credible alternatives to the mainstream. They are equipped with all the features you would expect from a large Chrysler, integrated with stylish European designed interiors. People know us for large vehicles such as the Grand Voyager and 300C. We are transferring the values that lie behind those cars to the B and C segments. We are not going for high volumes. We want to be the choice for people who are seeking a credible alternative to traditional segment offerings.”

As you can see in the gallery on the right, the 2012 Chrysler Delta is a 5-door hatchback based closely on the Lancia Delta and by based closely; I mean that it is essentially a rebadged Lancia model. The Delta receives four engine options, beginning with a pair of 1.4L gasoline engines with the peppier of the two offering 140 horsepower. The Chrysler Delta then steps up to a pair of diesel engines, with the 1.6L MultiJet offering 120 horsepower while still reaching 61.4 miles per gallon and the larger, 2.0L MultiJet engine serves as the most powerful option in the Delta lineup with 165 horsepower and 240lb-ft of torque. Even though it is the largest engine option in the lineup, the 2.0L diesel option still yields an impressive 55mpg.

The 2012 Chrysler Ypsilon is a luxury 3-door hatchback that takes the same design route as the larger Delta, using the Lancia architecture to derive this new B-segment compact. The Ypsilon offers three engines, starting with a 1.2L Fire engine, packing 69 horsepower and if that is a little light for your tastes, there is the 0.9L TwinAir engine. This diminutive mill makes 85 horsepower while also having the lowest emission levels of any engine in Europe. Finally, the top of the line engine for the 2012 Chrysler Ypsilon is the 1.3L MultiJet diesel, serving up 95 horsepower while also being among the most fuel efficient engines in the European market.

The two new Chrysler models aren’t likely to receive a place in the American market but basing the two models closely on the popular Lancia models is likely to give the Chrysler Group a boost in the European market. The 2012 Chrysler Ypsilon and Delta are both currently on sale in various European markets including the United Kingdom, offering affordable luxury in a familiar (to Europeans) package.

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