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Correction: Springfest Postponed, Not Cancelled

After incorrectly stating that the 2020 Spring Festival of LX was cancelled yesterday, I wanted to share the correct details of the huge west coast Mopar event.

Yesterday morning, I published a piece here on TorqueNews discussing the 2020 Spring Festival of LX, or Springfest as it is better known in the Mopar community. The focus of the piece was the unusual Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody on their promotional material, but in that piece, I incorrectly stated that the event had been cancelled. Although the event website states that it has only been postponed, internet chatter led me to believe that it was going to be cancelled altogether.

Shortly after publishing that piece, it was pointed out that the event was only postponed, not cancelled, and there are many people who hope that Springfest 2020 will still be held in 2020, just not in the spring as planned. I amended my initial piece with the correct information, but for those who didn’t see the corrected piece, I wanted to share the correct information and apologize for my mistake.

Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody on Springfest ImageSpringfest 2020
Here is the message posted on the Springfest website regarding the 2020 event:

“Today (March 6, 2020) we have made the very tough decision to postpone Spring Fest 15, which was scheduled for March 20-21, 2020. Due to the current uncertain circumstances and the nature of the event, which draws enthusiasts who travel from 25 states and several countries, it is best that we reschedule for another date. Thanks for understanding.

We will be processing refunds for all registered attendees and vendors. PayPal does not have an automated process, this may take up to a week for us to work through every transaction one-by-one issuing the refunds. We PLEASE ask that you DO NOT issue a chargeback via PayPal or your credit card as the charity that collected the registration fees will incur chargeback fees if you do. The Hotels are aware of the situation and you may call to cancel your reservation. Thanks again for your understanding.

3/7 Update: We have been asked by several people if they could let the charity (Every 15 Minutes) keep their donation. YES YOU CAN! Please send an e-mail to [email protected] to let us know if you would like the charity to keep your donation.”

Again, I apologize for my mistake and with any luck, our next discussion about Springfest will be announcing the new date for the 2020 event.

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