The Ram 2500 Power Wagon SLT

Chrysler expands the 2012 Ram Power Wagon lineup

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The Ram Truck brand’s Power Wagon package for the 2500 models has been one of the most critically acclaimed trucks in the US over the past few years and for 2012, there are two new trimline options for the most capable off road truck on the market.

Since being introduced, the Ram 2500 Power Wagon has been offered only in the SLT trimline (shown on the right) with few options inside and out but buyers of the 2012 Power Wagon will get to pick between the SLT, a new low-line ST and the new premium Laramie trimline. The Ram Truck brand management believe that this will make the Power Wagon even more appealing as the Power Wagon ST will appeal to those who want the rugged capabilities without the interior goodies and chrome trim while the Power Wagon Laramie will include more upscale features inside. You know, for those who need leather, heated seats and a high end sound system when tearing through the wilderness.

The 2012 Ram 2500 Power Wagon ST is expected to appeal most strongly to commercial uses like fire services, mining companies and forestry services so many of the main changes from the SLT trimline are things that you would expect from a work truck. The heavy amounts of chrome found on the previous Power Wagon are removed in favor of black trim on the bumpers, the mirrors, the fender flares and the grille treatment. Inside, the Power Wagon ST offers an interior layout similar to the standard Ram 2500 ST with the exception of the control specific to the Power Wagon.

The 2012 Ram 2500 Power Wagon Laramie takes the tried and true workhorse capabilities of the Power Wagon package and add a taste of luxury. This begins on the inside with new leather seats, a high end audio system, dual zone climate control and a heavy dose of woodgrain finish on the dash and door panels. On the outside, the Power Wagon Laramie retains all of the chrome from the SLT models but the Laramie models come with body colored wheel flares as opposed to the contrasting flares found on the earlier Power Wagons. The Ram Brand states the following for the purpose of the new high end Power Wagon package: “The addition of Power Wagon to the Laramie model gives the off-road linebacker a tuxedo and builds on the success and heritage of the Power Wagon nameplate.”


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