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Chevrolet Corvette, Camaro and Others 20% Off Through November

If you are looking to buy a 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 or almost any other new Chevy car, truck or SUV, the company is currently running their “2017 Closeout Incentive” program, which cuts the price by as much as 20% on the majority of vehicles in dealer stock.


Last week we brought you the news that Taco Bell employees can get a great deal on a 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport and today, we have a discount for everyone else. According to the folks from Motor Authority, the Chevrolet brand is currently running their 2017 Closeout Incentive program, cutting prices on 2017 model year vehicles by as much as 20%. That leads to varying levels of discounts across the brand range, but the biggest discount comes with priciest vehicle in the program – the Corvette Z06.

Big Discounts through November 30th
The Chevrolet 2017 Closeout Incentive program is running now through November 30th and during the next few days, buyers can get the best deal of the year on a long list of Chevy vehicles from the 2017 model year. As the company looks to make room for the 2018 models and, in the case of the Corvette the 2019 models, the 2017 vehicles still sitting on lots around the country will be deeply discounted.

The exact discount varies greatly by model and trim, so prospective buyers should check their local dealership website for more details, but we do know a few of the exact discounts.

On the 2017 Corvette Z06, buyers can save $9,107 on an MSRP of $86,700 and on select Camaro models, picking one up in the next few days will cut as much as $3,665 from the bottom line.

It should be noted that while 2017 Corvette Z06 buyers can save almost $10,000, this discount is seemingly not offered on the 2017 Stingray or Grand Sport. The 20% discount is also not offered on the Chevrolet SS sport sedan, but with no 2018 version of that high performance four-door on the way – there is no rush to get the 2017 SS out of the way. However, Motor Authority reports that some dealerships are offering a 20% discount on the SS, so they can be found in the low-$40,000 range.

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Corvette Looker (not verified)    November 27, 2017 - 3:47PM

Can Taco Bell employees afford even a discounted Corvette with Taco Bell salaries?